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Aaron Haaland writes;

Hey Fandom! It's me, Aaron, for A Comic Show's New Comics Now! This the where I get to talk about what comics I liked the most each week and why!

First up is Green Lantern: New Guardians #21 by Justin Jordin and Brad Walker. Yes, you get a free Indigo ring with it, but the real reason to pick it up is Jordin nails Kyle. Kyle is essentially a fun young artist who would rather not have extra responsibilities. He'd rather get back to his art than babysit these new guardians. What we get is some solid Hal and Kyle interaction, the start of his Smurfs on safari, and where Relic comes from. I'm more than pleased with this first issues of the new GL era so far, we'll see how I like what happens with my favorite Guy over in Red Lanterns.

Age of Ultron #10 continues the Mighty Marvel tradition of using reality altering crossovers to set up everything they want changed for other books in their line. I'm already digging GotG, AI seems interesting with Pym and Humphies, and I'm more than ready for HUNGER, but I actually would have liked a more solid end to Age of Ultron as well. Oh well, Hickman's Infinity is almost here! And Superior Spider-man is weeks away.

Valiants Harbingers Wars is my favorite kind of crossover, two books have their plots organically crash into each other and their respective protagonists antagonize each other! Reminds me of Sinestro Corps War in structure. Saga volume 2 is here, I can't say enough about this book. All I really say in the shop is "here's the first issue for free", and "if you like it pick up volume 1 with a money back guarantee". No one brings it back.

X-Files Season 10 delivers just in time for the anniversary. 100 Bullets is bac,. Sweet Tooth is over, and check out Wild Blue Yonder for something new and fly the deadly skys!

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