Are Captain America And Justice League Telling The Same Story Today? (SPOILERS)

Every now and then, Marvel and DC Comics tell very similar stories simultaneously. X-Men and Doom Patrol. Man-Thing and Swamp Thing. The death of Batman at the hands of a mysterious magic gun, to be actually sent back in time, fighting his way to the present while his sidekick takes on his role in the present and the Death of Captain America where etc etc etc.

Well, today had another weird moment. Reading Captain America: Steve Rogers #11, with Captain Marvel announcing that she has, well, built a wall.


And how it's already underway, and the progress is simply amazing, folks, amazing, they have the best builders.


And over in Justice League, where they are building…


Not identical at all but… it was weird to flip from one comic to the other and see that. Especially when the comic reveals what it's for…


A planetary defense shield! As Captain America said in Civil War II: The Oath


Of course, he's an agent of Hydra there but The Villain Has A Point.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #11 by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz is published today, as is Justice League #15 by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan.


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