Cullen Bunn Doesn't Use Ghost Writers for His Comics, Says Cullen Bunn

Genetically-engineered super writer Cullen Bunn has always been known for his inhuman ability to crank out dozens of monthly comics at a time, something most comic book publishers would consider an asset. But has Bunn's speed become a liability? Bunn took to Twitter to reveal that someone has been spreading rumors that Bunn uses ghost-writers to produce his comics.

Apparently someone is going out of their way to sabotage Bunn's career by telling editors and publishers that Bunn uses ghost writers, even taking credit for writing one of his books.

Bunn, of course, denies the charges.

And reiterates that he's just a very fast writer.

Bunn plans to do his best to correct the misconception, but it's another example of the cutthroat world of comic book publishing.

Luckily, Bunn's peers are there to have his back.

So who's been trying to get Cullen Bunn in trouble? The truth will come out eventually, especially if Fabian Nicieza has anything to say about it.

The comics industry could certainly use a good disinfectant.

Best wishes to Cullen Bunn in dealing with this bulls**t.

Cullen Bunn Denies Using Ghost Writers for His Comics

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