Ed Brubaker Tells Retailers They Wil Get Get Kill Or Be Killed #7 Overshipped To Match #5


In a letter written to comic book readers, writer of the Kill Or Be Killed series with Sean Phillips, Ed Brubaker, writes to tell them that they will be getting as many copies of Kill Or Be Killed #7 as they did of Kill Or Be Killed #5, with the difference made up for free. That's if the ordered fewer copies of #7 than #5 any way.

He writes,

I'm sure every store's mileage will vary, but so far KILL OR BE KILLED has been the hottest book of my long partnership with Sean Phillips, and I hope it's at least partly because it's created with you guys in mind. KILL OR BE KILLED is a crime/pulp/horror comic with the pacing of a monthly comic—constant ramping of tension, constantly revealing backstory as the plot moves forward, and almost always ending with a cliffhanger.

It's written for both the single issue and the trade, but I definitely wanted to create a series that would leave us room for standalone issues or done-in-ones that let us see a different view of the action. That's one of the things I always loved, growing up—those issues you didn't expect to get, where a side-character's origin is suddenly revealed in a heartbreaking way, or where we were suddenly with the villain, seeing his point of view. It's something that's fallen away in the rush to make all comics serialized graphic novels, but I'm trying to embrace the elasticity of the single issue in this series.

And no issue shows that better than our upcoming issue #7. This issue showcases our vigilante killer's best friend, Kira, and is probably my favorite one, so far. Because of that, and because the book is still selling out regularly—I hear from readers every month whose store sold out on release day—we've decided to do an overship this month to get more copies out there and hopefully help you grow your audience for KILL OR BE KILLED.

I know comics is a tough business for retailers (and when I was working the counter at comic shops, we didn't even have variant covers to deal with) and I'm always looking for new ways I can make your job simpler. So, when I see my book selling out over and over again, my thinking is you need more on your shelves. I want you to be able to put that book in a customer's hands the moment they walk into your store looking for it—not have to wait a week or two for a reorder to arrive. The Direct Market has always been really great to me and Sean, and I couldn't be more thankful for all of your support for our books, so I hope this overship helps you sell more copies and maybe helps you decide to increase your orders on future issues.


Ed Brubaker

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