Exclusive-No-More: Marvel's Mosaic #2 Preview

Hi folks, Jude Terror here. Part of my mission here at Bleeding Cool is to FIGHT THE POWER and eliminate the TYRANNY of EXCLUSIVE content on comic book websites. With that in mind, I'll be trying to liberate every EXCLUSIVE preview, EXCLUSIVE variant cover image, and EXXXCLUSIVE fluff interview from Big Comics' media partners at every opportunity. I'm like the Che Guevara of comics EXCLUSIVES, if Che Guevara weren't killed in Bolivia and was allowed to live to reach his fat Elvis period.

Today, we've got a preview for Mosaic #2, part of Marvel's ongoing "try to make The Inhumans a thing" initiative, which the ugly watermarks on the images will tell you came from Comic Book Resources. From the creative team of Geoffrey "Jeff" Thorne, Khary Randolph, Andres Mossa, and Emilio Lopez. The book has a letterer too, but they don't currently have any legal rights, so we don't have to mention his name. The preview also includes covers by both Julian Tedesco Totino and Keron Grant. The book is set to hit stores on November 9.

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