Frank Cho On A "Genderless" Wonder Woman Comic, As Soon As Greg Rucka Is Gone

Frank Cho On A "Genderless" Wonder Woman Comic, As Soon As Greg Rucka Is Gone

Frank Cho appeared last week at Lucca, one of the biggest comic book festivals in Europe, where he was inducted into their hall of fame.

As regular Bleeding Cool readers will recall, Frank Cho was invited to work on Wonder Woman variant covers for the DC Rebirth relaunch and says he did so on the explicit assurance that there would be no interference from the book's writer, Greg Rucka, with whom he seems to share an adversarial relationship. However Rucka started making repeated editorial notes, which the publisher sided with and so Cho walked. He took his planned, yet unpublished, remaining Wonder Woman covers and used them on his Boom! series Skybourne.

At his talk in Lucca, however, he mentioned he may be working on the Wonder Woman comic again for DC Comics. Talking to the Italian site Funettologica, he said, regarding such a series, "we're in negotiation…. It's almost there, pretty much."

And that "it's not gonna be an origin story because I hate origin stories. Every single Wonder Woman book that you pick there's a goddam origin story where nothing happens."

Greg Rucka, with Nicola Scott, is currently telling a Wonder Woman origin, folks. He continued,

"I'm going to treat Wonder Woman as I treat all superheroes, as a superhero. It's pretty much genderless, she will be fighting bad guys, it's gonna be action, non-stop action from start to finish. And all these female political agenda I'm not even addressing that. She's Wonder Woman, where there's a bad guy she's gonna fight the bad guy and beat him. That's all it is. That's what comic books should be."

How very reductive, Frank! And William Moulton Marston must be turning in his grave.

He continued, talking about DC, "they want me back to Wonder Woman as soon as possible, as soon as the writer is gone. So that's why I've already written a Wonder Woman story to go so that as soon as the writer is gone and I'm pretty sure DC and Marvel want me to draw and it makes sense. It really all the projects kind of play to my strengths as an artist, but at this point of my life I want to write and draw my own stuff. So that's why I pitch the Wonder Woman story to DC and they really liked it and they said "All right it's not an origin story, it's actually a fun action story" so that's why they picked it up right away. Or they will."

So basically, if Greg Rucka wants to keep Frank Cho off Wonder Woman – he needs to keep writing it. The moment his back is turned… OUTRAGE!


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