Gail Simone Asks: Who Are the Hotshots?

Not all teasers need to threaten to rewrite the history of a decades-old superhero universe! Superstar writer Gail Simone looks to be teasing a new comic book project on social media, posting the following logo on Twitter and asking the question: who are the Hotshots?

No other clues are provided, leaving us with little to go on to stretch this out into a full clickbait article, but we'll do our best. Gail Simone was named the "Chief Architect" of Lion Forge's Catalyst Prime superhero universe back in July, so there's a good chance this project has something to do with that. We can also guess, from the silhouettes, targets, and bullet holes, that Hotshots is a series that will star two hitwomen, mercenaries, or assassins.

Have we said enough words to turn a tweet into an article yet? No? A few more? Okay. Here's what Simone had to say back when she took over Catalyst Prime:

This is one of the most thrilling things to come along in my career. I get to work with amazing creators on incredible new books, and everyone is simply devoted to one thing: making the best possible stories, period. That's what I got into comics for.

I am so excited to get to help build and shape something like this. I can't wait for new readers to meet Noble and Summit and Accell and all the rest. These characters have very quickly developed into some of my new favorites. What we are planning feels almost revolutionary. It reminds me of being a kid and discovering the X-Men for the first time, that same kind of awe and delight. It feels like Lion Forge is making comics for the future, and I can't wait to be part of it!

Will Hotshots be like discovering the X-Men for the first time? We'll find out… er… whenever this project is released at whatever publisher it's released at.

Gail Simone Asks: Who Are the Hotshots?

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