Hip Hop Cyberpunk Robin Hood GN Quarter Killer Hits ComiXology Today

With the comic book industry in a state of shutdown for the foreseeable future, readers must rely on digital releases to get their weekly comics fix. ComiXology is happy to oblige this week with Quarter Killer, a new 140-page original graphic novel by Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, Jamie Jones, and Ryan Ferrier available today. Described as a "Hip-Hop cyberpunk Robin Hood of the 'hood," the digital graphic novel is available for an introductory price of $.99, which is a great deal for a brand new graphic novel that would be welcome at any time, but especially in this time of industry crisis.

The cover to the book by artist Jamie Jones.
The cover to the book by artist Jamie Jones.

Quarter Killer Explained

"Quarter Killer is about being more than what people have decided you are, about choosing your family, and living by your own code," said Ayala in the press release. The release explains, "It all starts with a girl, armed with a handful of quarters, looking for a legend." Added Lore: "We are inhabiting a world which is all about Queer Brown Cool and creating cyberpunk and Afrofuturistic worlds full of fun and energy." Here's more info from the press release:

In Quarter Killer, Quentin Kidd A.K.A. QK, is an ex-corporate computer hacker who offers their services to those willing to pay them with old skool currency, specifically quarters, because quarters are untraceable. QK only has two rules: they don't work for criminals or police, and no killing.

Young Aya begs the infamous Quarter Killer to help rescue her father—a company hacker himself—from men who are forcing him back into crime. Along with their Krew, they choose to do the job for free. Confronting everything from addictive video games in the projects to shady corporations in casinos, QK and co are more than just a specialized team of experts–they are a family.

In addition to the story, the book includes an introduction by New York Times bestselling YA and fantasy author Daniel José Older, an Afterword by the co-writers Ayala and Lore, a From Script to Page section with commentary by Jones, and Interviews with editor Adrienne Lopes and letterer Ferrier. You can purchase the comic right now at ComiXology. Subscribers to ComiXology Unlimited or Amazon Prime can read the comic for free.

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