Richard Starkings Debuts New Elephantmen Comics at Comixology

Richard Starkings Debuts New Elephantmen Comics at Comixology

New Elephantmen comics from Richard Starkings are coming this week from ComiXology Originals. The long-running anthropomorphic series began in July 2006, long before Zootopia normalized furry police officers. Since the debut of the series, the creative team has produced 80 issues of the indie comic. Now, this Wednesday, Starkings returns with longtime collaborator, artist Axel […]

Pride Vs Youth

The Pride Vs Youth, Two Queer Superhero ComiXology Originals Comics

This week, ComiXology launches a new web-only comic book, Youth, a comic about queer teen superheroes by Curt Pires, Diotto and Dee Cunniffe as part of itsline, which has already been fast-tracked to be developed as an Amazon Prime Video TV series. It's an interesting choice, as ComiXology already has a comic about queer teen […]


DC Relegates Final Two Issues of Supergirl to Digital-Only

Bleeding Cool has a bunch of new dates from previously solicited DC Comics titles from June and July that have now been re-solicited for August. But there are a few missing ones. Specifically Supergirl #41 and #42, the final issues of that series originally scheduled for June and July. Instead Bleeding Cool understands that these […]

YOUTH 1 Cover

Youth, a Superhero Comic-Turned-Amazon TV Show, But eBay Doesn't Care

Youth is a new comic book series by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto, that is currently in development for the screen by Amazon Studios. So naturally, like Ball & Chain, Old Guard, Prophet, Once & Future and all the others, can we expect issues to go up in value? Well, no, because it's digital-only. A […]

batman gotham knights 2 (1)

Batman Fights #MeToo in Gotham Knights #2

The #MeToo hashtag movement began fifteen years ago was intended to how many women have survived sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. As is the nature of fame, it gained national exposure when it was used by actors to talk about their experience in the movie industry in the light of allegations of […]

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

ComiXology UK Drop Prices By 20% as Sales Tax is Removed

Yesterday, the UK Government announced that they would be bringing forward the planned removal of the digital reading tax. Last year, after what seemed like years of absorbing the tax and exchange rate movements, ComiXology upped its prices in the UK by up to 70% and European prices rose to match. Bleeding Cool ran a […]


Supergirl's Favourite Nightclub is Called The Lazarus Pit

Infinite Frenemies is the latest digital-first edition of the DC Super Hero Girls series, now written by Amanda Deibert and drawn by Erich Owen. The series, in a variety of media, has been a strong performer in attracting young female readers to the characters, by remaking them into a high school setting. As it is a […]


DC Publish Dustin Hansen's My Video Game Ate My Homework This Week

Available in bookstores and digitally tomorrow, My Video Game Ate My Homework is an original graphic novel for DC Comics created by Dustin Hansen. Video game designer-durned author of the Microsaurs series of books, this is his first graphic novel. It will be available in comic stores servicde by UCS and Lunar at a later […]

The cover to Wolf's Head #1 by Von Allan.

Von Allan's Wolf's Head Hits ComiXology

Wolf's Head, the ongoing comic book series by Ottawa comic book creator Von Allan, has finally come to digital comics platform ComiXology. Allan revealed the news in a press release, marking an expansion for the book to a worldwide audience. The first issue is available now, with the next nine to become available when processed. […]


All the Digital Comics Released This Week From Traditional Publishers

All major comic book publishers have pulled digital comics versions of new titles out this week, as they are still unable to publish them in print. There are exceptions for Archie's general market titles, collections already sold into the book market, and original graphic novels such as DC's Alt-Hero out today. Smaller publishers are less […]


Magdalene Visaggio, Claudia Aguirre are Lost On Planet Earth This Week

Magdalene Visaggio and artist Claudia Aguirre are collaborating on an all-new, five-part comic book mini-series, Lost on Planet Earth, debuting digitally this Wednesday, April 15th on ComiXology Originals. Just as Visaggio's sci-fi series Vagrant Queen launches as a TV show on Syfy, so she has a new sci-fi comic book launching this week. And she is […]


Hip Hop Cyberpunk Robin Hood GN Quarter Killer Hits ComiXology Today

With the comic book industry in a state of shutdown for the foreseeable future, readers must rely on digital releases to get their weekly comics fix. ComiXology is happy to oblige this week with Quarter Killer, a new 140-page original graphic novel by Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, Jamie Jones, and Ryan Ferrier available today. Described […]


The State of the Comics Industry Under Coronavirus – On Tuesday

I have been writing this article for almost twenty-four hours. Been talking to senior comic book industry figure after another. The problem is, the second I get a hold of what might actually be going on, the situation changes from under me. But everyone is agreeing that this current coronavirus pandemic, and the reaction to […]

UK Government Removes VAT Sales Tax On Digital Comics

Om Monday, my weekly political cartoon for Guido Fawkes looked at the plans this week for Sunak Rishi, the Conservative government's new Chancellor Of The Exchequer to increase public borrowing and spending, as well removing tax relief, increasing the tax burden overall. But he has just removed one very significant taxes for readers of this […]

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

As We Head Into the Next Decade, Is It Time to Rethink Digital Comics?

Ah, the new year. A time for change. For examining the past and looking forward to the future. For cranking out think-pieces on a holiday to fill an article quota. The perfect time to talk about comics' greatest failure: digital comics. When digital comics were first introduced to the superhero comics industry over a decade […]

Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

In the Flood by Ray Fawkes Joins ComiXology Originals in December

In the Flood by Ray Fawkes Joins ComiXology Originals Next Week

Amazon subsidiary ComiXology has announced the latest comic to join their ComiXology Originals program: In the Flood, written and illustrated by Ray Fawkes. Compared to David Lynch and Haruki Murakami, the graphic novel tells the story of a couple trying to keep their marriage together while separated by a mysterious flood. The book will be […]

ComiXology Signs 4-Book Deal With Stout Club for ComiXology Originals

ComiXology Signs 4-Book Deal With Stout Club for ComiXology Originals

ComiXology has announced a new four-book deal with Stout Club Entertainment, the creative studio consisting of Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco, and Rafael Scavone, to produce comics for the company's ComiXology Originals program. The group is like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of comic book creating, except better, because they have two Rafaels. Also, […]


ComiXology Announces Liebestrasse, an LGBTQ Love Story Set in Nazi Germany

ComiXology has announced a new original graphic novel coming to its digital comics platform tomorrow, part of the ComiXology Originals program that makes the graphic novel free to Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and ComiXology Unlimited members. Libestrasse, by Greg Lockard, Tim Fish, Héctor Barros, and Lucas Gattoni is love story about an American banker named […]