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ComiXology Announces They Are Closing The DC Comics App
But tonight, ComiXology has sent out a message that the DC Comics App that they manage is to close Customers will still be able to transfer functionality and their purchases to be read on ComiXology on their devices, but they will lose the in-app purchase ability that was stripped from ComiXology a while ago The[...]
Marc Bernardin & Ariela Kristantina Create Adora And The Distance OGN
Coloured by Bryan Valenza, lettered by Bernardo Brice, and edited by Will Dennis, it is getting published digitally this month from comiXology Originals, timed to Father'd Day And for added geek cred, it has a foreword by Damon Lindelof Inspired by Bernardin's daughter who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, Adora and The Distance[...]
Hailstone Horror Anthology to Launch as Comixology Original
Hailstone is a horror thriller coming from ComiXology, Amazon's premier digital comics service, and Stout Club Entertainment The story is set during the U.S Civil War, written by Rafael Scavone (A Study in Emerald, Hit-Girl and Funny Creek), illustrated by Rafael de Latorre (SuperZero, Animosity and Black Widow) with colors by Wesllei Manoel, letters by Bernardo Brice,[...]
The cover to The Final Girls #1
A new series is launching at comiXology next week, and all five issues are dropping all at once The Final Girls is written by Cara Ellison with art by Sally Cantirino, colors by Gab Contreras, and lettering by Joamette Gil Described as "part dark comedic superhero drama, part dystopian political thriller," The Final Girls is[...]
DC Comics To Publish Inferior Five, Digitally
However, over a year on, that hadn't happened. But suddenly, popping up on ComiXology for March 29th is Inferior Five #5 as a digital-first comic book Could someone at DC Comics have realised that they have a comic with Peacemaker in it, just as a Peacemaker TV series is coming to HBO, spinning out of the[...]
Brian Bendis' Creator Owned Comics Pulled Off ComiXology/Kindle Again
Then in November 2017, all the Icon books were pulled off of digital services ComiXology and Amazon's Kindle Those who had already bought digital copies can still read them, but no new sales could be made. Brian Bendis' Creator Owned Comics Pulled Off ComiXology/Kindle Again Then DC Comics added all the Brian Bendis books to their own[...]
Joe Glass, The First Comic Creator To Get Vaccinated Against COVID?
He's the creator of the comic book The Pride, available on ComiXology Originals and about to be published in print from Dark Horse Comics, but he also has a second life Yes, just like Superman. Credit: Joe Glass Because Glass' day job is in healthcare, working at an opticians, and thus was eligible for early vaccination alongside[...]
DC Universe logo (Image: WarnerMedia)
ComiXology and DC Comics has informed their digital comics customers that the DC Digital Comics Shop at, operated by comiXology, will be closing on January 14th, 2021 The service can still be accessed via the DC Digital Comics app on iOS or Google Play, but no longer through DC's website Readers will be able[...]
Jeff Lemire and Jock Working On a New Comic For 2021
Snow Angels by Jeff Lemire and Jock from ComiXology Originals, coming next year. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jeff Lemire and Jock reveal title of their new ComiXology Originals comic book, Snow Angels ( — Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire) October 27, 2020 And here you have it… — jock (@Jock4twenty) October 27, 2020 Get ready for @JeffLemire[...]
The Drops of God: More Volumes of Wine Manga Debut in English
Comixology and Kodansha Comics announced the release of volumes 23-33 of the international bestseller The Drops of God manga series in English for the first time These 11 new volumes join the 22 previously released, all of which can be read digitally as part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive content at no additional cost for[...]
Kodansha Follows Archie Offering Day-And-Date Unlimited Streaming
Which means they will be made available to ComiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime for no additional cost on the day of release Traditionally that only happens after six months of publication – though that has been challenged of late after the shutdown And now a far larger publisher, Kodansha, has joined in. Kodansha Comics[...]
All 35 Volumes of Shaman King, In English, on ComiXology Originals
All 35 volumes of the original Shaman King series are to debut October 6, 2020 via comiXology Originals While spinoff series Zero, Flowers, Red Crimson, and Super Star set to debut digitally in October and December. Art from Kodansha. After a brief production delay, Kodansha USA Publishing & comiXology Originals announced that they will digitally release all[...]
Joe Glass Speaks on "The Pride" Coming to Dark Horse
It was picked up by ComiXology Originals in 2019 for a relaunch as a digital comic Now, Dark Horse will publish this huge collection featuring Volumes One and Two, along with The Pride Adventures, and will feature artwork from a huge array of creators such as Sina Grace, Elizabeth Beals, and more. The Pride Season One by Joe Glass[...]
Auto Draft
But with Archie, the day the comic is published, it can be streamed on the comiXology Unlimited service No other major publisher has done this – though they may not be the last. Archie Comics. Starting today with the publication of Sabrina: Something Wicked #3, comiXology will release new titles on comiXology Unlimited the same day they[...]
Thought Bubble Festival Announces Details Of November's Digital Show
Willow Wilson, Duncan Fegredo, Kieron Gillen, Ben Oliver, David LaFuente, Alex Norris, Andy Belanger, Lee Garbett, Shelly Bond, Erika Price, Ram V and the premiere of a new documentary on UK comics icon Ian Kennedy, produced and directed by Phillip Vaughan. The weekend will also host exclusive events and content including from ComiXology, Jonathan Cape Graphic Novels,[...]