Jeff Lemire on Quitting Work-For-Hire Like The Terrifics – Aside from a Certain Black Label Project

Jeff Lemire was at the North Carolina Comic Con this weekend and, in a couple of panels, he updated the audience on his latest comic book projects.

At the first, he said he's already written his last issue of The Terrifics, issue 14 out in March 2019 and that it would be his last non-creator-owned work for the time being.

Though at another panel, he remembered that there was, in fact, one more DC work-for-hire project before he quits work-for-hire, something for the mature superheroes imprint Black Label, that he says he pitched because he loves a certain artist on a certain character and says it would be a dream to work with both,

JH Williams III and Batwoman? Babs Tarr and Batgirl? Neal Adams and Green Arrow? Tim Sale and Batman? Who knows… well he does, I suppose.

He is rather busy, what with the Essex County TV show next year, as well Gideon Falls, Black Hammer and Ascender.

There are so many possibilities… and at the show, Lemire was catching up with old publishing friends. Top Shelf published his Essex County comics that really made his name in the industry and now marching to the small screen. Still a cracking read…

And why not check out Dustin Nguyen talking over his and Lemire's inspiration for a page of theirs from Descender.


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fun behind the work #Descender fact- this silent sequence from issue 17 and the cover was inspired after @jefflemire and I had visited the #HugoPratt exhibit in Augoulême France during a trip there with our publisher @urbancomics . just in awe of the artwork there, especially the Corto Maltese stuff, got back and talked about a script Jeff had already written, and we talked about a fight amongst an asteroid field. Instantly we both thought of the exhibit and this came about. I like to say I hate traveling, but I do try to bring some inspiration back with me to the drawing desk each time. *also fun fact, that small wierd looking rock on the right side of the big asteroid he's standing in the cover is not painted on, it's an actual hole/defect on the paper.

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