Marvel To Publish Previews Spotlight For Generations, And Offer Major Retailer Discounts

Marvel are sending copies of Previews Spotlight concentrating on Marvel's upcoming Generations titles, previews and interviews. plus a bonus first look at Venomverse, landing in stores on the 19th July – and probably being given away at San Diego Comic-Con.

They are also giving sizeable discounts on the Generations volumes to retailers who order large number of the books, based on their orders for Secret Empire #5, Marvel's best-selling title.

These discounts kick in on the Generations titles Banner Hulk & The Totally Awesome Hulk, Phoenix & Jean Grey, Wolverine & All-New Wolverine, Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor, Hawkeye & Hawkeye at 150, 125 and 100% of their Secret Empire #5 orders.

For a number of retailers it makes more sense to order many more copies than they believe they can sell – but pay less overall.

For Marvel, that puts copies on store's shelves available for customers to buy if demand is, indeed, greater than the retailer may have otherwise thought.

And maybe those generations previews will help push things along.

Marvel To Publish Previews Spotlight For Generations, And Offer Major Retailer Discounts

In a flash, the Marvel heroes are offered a gift: to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who came before them, free from the burdens of past, present, and future – where time has no meaning. Within the Vanishing Point, through the course of these action-packed adventures, our heroes will discover what is needed to usher in the future of the Marvel Universe. This August, prepare for Marvel's GENERATIONS!

This epic 10-issue series brings together iconic and present day heroes such as Miles Morales and Peter Parker, Amadeus Cho and Bruce Banner, Iron Man and Ironheart, Laura Kinney and Logan, and many more of your favorite characters. "GENERATIONS unites the present day heroes of the Marvel Universe with their forbearers from the past in order to chart the course of the future!" says SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. "These ten adventures are the stepping stones to everything that is to come for all of these characters!"

The stories of GENERATIONS begin at the Vanishing Point, and these epic tales offer fans a direct bridge and prelude into the sense-shattering Marvel Legacy, as the challenges and revelations of GENERATIONS will alter the destinies of our heroes moving forward in a dramatic fashion!

These heroic journeys all launch from the same point: the Vanishing Point! Coming to comic shops this August!


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