Missed Connections: Ike Perlmutter Will Be At Mar-A-Lago This Weekend, Donald Trump Will Not

Ike Perlmutter Captured on CNBC

The connections between Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter and President Donald Trump have been well documented on Bleeding Cool. A personal friend of Trump's and campaign donor, Perlmutter serves as an advisor to Trump's administration and has been spotted in public several times since Trump took office, despite decades of reclusiveness prior to that. When Donald Trump held a listening session on veterans affairs, he didn't even invite top veterans' affairs groups like the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but he did bring along his best bud Ike Perlmutter. These two are tight!

Trump has just come off a week of being embroiled in a growing scandal over his ties with Russia, rolling back transgender student protections, and declaring war on the press, so he's likely looking to take a break from all the pressure. It would seem like the perfect time to get together with his billionaire bro and let off steam down in Florida. However, it looks like the pair won't get to meet up this weekend, as Politico reports:

BUZZ — TRUMP is not expected to spend the weekend in Palm Beach this week after heading to the "Southern White House" three weeks in a row. SPOTTED at Mar-a-Lago last night: Marvel Comics CEO and Trump friend Ike Perlmutter.

Of course, Trump could always fly down in Air Force One to pick up his buddy if they want to hit the golf course together, cancel X-Men licensing rights, or attend the premiere of Logan and chuck popcorn at Fox executives and reporters from the New York Times. Whatever happens, we hope these pals don't feel too lonely this weekend without each other, and get to spend some time together again really soon.

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