President Elect Donald Trump Will Meet With Marvel's Ike Perlmutter Today

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Okay, Ike Perlmutter! A favorite topic! Let's see what our best friend Ike is up to today… oh, that's interesting.

During the presidential campaign, it was revealed that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter had donated one million dollars to a Donald Trump charity event (which was staged to compete with the republican primary debate that night, which Trump was not attending). It was later revealed that the Perlmutters donated the maximum allowed contribution directly to Trump's campaign.


The support of the Orange Goblin was met with some fretting on social media from a few concerned Marvel employees, but ultimately, none chose to stop taking a paycheck from the company even though some of its profits were making their way through Perlmutter to Trump. Earlier this month, Bleeding Cool told you that Laura Perlmutter, Ike's wife, is serving on Trump's Inauguration Committee. Now we've learned that Trump will meet with Ike Perlmutter at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

What could they be talking about? It's well known that the McMahon family, principle owners of World Wrestling Entertainment, donated millions to Trump during his campaign, and Linda McMahon ended up appointed to Trump's Small Business Administration. Could Perlmutter be vying for a cabinet spot? Perhaps he's looking for some presidential influence to use against his rival, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige?

It's unknown what Trump and Perlmutter will talk about today, but it does raise an interesting question: how will the famously reclusive Ike Perlmutter avoid the cameras if he's hanging out with Trump? Perhaps Rich Johnston will get that late Christmas present he's always wanted.

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