Frank Miller And Kimberly Cox Sued By Former Employee

Kimberly Cox is an occasional writer for Bleeding Cool. She is also the partner of Frank Miller.

I've been trying to get in touch with Kimberly for some time without joy. It's possible this might be why.

Joanna Gallardo-Mills, formerly employed as an executive coordinator for Miller, has filed a lawsuit with the Manhattan Supreme Court. She is alleging that she was persecuted by Cox during her tenure of work. As reported in the The NY Post, Gallardo-Mills is saying that Kimberly:

smeared her work area with feces, destroyed her printer with a hammer, threw phones at her, and even left a used feminine hygiene pad by her desk.

There are allegations of racism also, with Kimberly quoted as saying to – nay, yelling at – Gallardo-Mills:

I can't understand your funky accent. Speak f–king English.

The suit goes on to note that Gallardo-Mills speaks fluent English and only ever spoke in English in front of Cox.

Commenting on the surprise of the lawsuit, Kimberly told The Post:

We didn't know this was going forward because she was offered a very heavy settlement and declined.

Instead, Gallardo-Mills is using the law in pursuit of unspecified monies, compensation for her "mental anguish." Her attorney is Matthew J. Blit, perhaps best known as the man who helped a number of strippers lodge sexual harrassment suits against their employers. Google or Wiki him and you'll see that he's being portrayed as a bit of a showbiz lawyer:

Matthew J. Blit is an American attorney best known for representing clients in employment related matters involving celebrities and high-profile parties.

This all adds up to the sort of thing the UK media used to stamp with the "Only in America" label.

Though, you know, I'm kind of glad they stopped doing that…