Call of Duty: Blacks Op 3 Has Sold Better Than The Last Two Games In The Franchise

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By Adam Cook

Activision has announced that Black Ops 3 is the biggest entertainment launch of the year, having made $550 million in the first three days it was on sale.
They've not made all the figures available, but apparently the sales are "significantly" bigger than Advanced Warfare and Ghosts – though, of course, both PS4 and Xbox One have a larger install base than ever before. Activision said:

In its first three days, the blockbuster title exceeded $550 million in sell-through worldwide, according to Activision estimates.<

The game has also set new records for hours played, with 75 million of them being logged in that same three day period.<Incidentally, it actually appears that these figures might signify a decline for this particular series on the whole, as Black Ops 2 actually made more than $500 million in its first 24 hours. That said, Black Ops 3 also became the biggest selling digital PS4 title, so perhaps that switch of co-marketing from Xbox to Sony has worked well for them.
Oh, and they also said something about it being a bigger launch that Jurassic World, but we can't work out why that's relevant.

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