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Milo Manara To Draw Frank Miller's Sin City
Frank Cho could have been annoyed that the line went in front of his booth, if it wasn't for the fact that this was Milo Manara, and he got plenty of passing trade! But what is Milo Manara working on now that the show is over? Why, a new Sin City story written by Frank[...]
Will Frank Miller's Dark Knight Cover Crack A Million At Auction?
The cover of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book One by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley and used for the main cover of the best-selling collection, will go to auction for the first time Originally acquired from Varley by the unnamed seller, it comes to market at a time when original art is[...]
Frank Miller Presents To Be Financed By Spice DAO NFTs
Three weeks ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Frank Miller was setting up a new comics publisher with former DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio Yesterday, Borys Kit of The Hollywood Re-Reporter ran the same story as an exclusive Well, Bleeding Cool has… acquired some details about how Frank Miller Presents, or FMP, will be[...]
Frank Miller To Publish Ronin Book Two & Sin City 1858 Himself
Borys Kit continued to redefine the meaning of the word "Exclusive" at The Hollywood Reporter again, with his exclusive story that Frank Miller is launching a new publishing company, with Dan DiDio appointed as the company's new publisher If you saw that exact same story at Bleeding Cool over two weeks ago on the 12th[...]
Frank Miller in $25 Million Lawsuit Over Sin City, Hard Boiled RIghts
It has been a busy week for Frank Miller After attending FanExpo Philadelphia for a screening of the new documentary about him, Bleeding Cool announced that a new publishing venture between him and former DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio has been formed, though still to be announced And now the Fan Expo comic book conventions[...]
Dan DiDio Running New Frank Miller Publishing Business
Both Dan DiDio and Frank Miller attended the Fan Expo Philadelphia last weekend And they may have had much to discuss The word in the bar was that Dan DiDio will be running Frank Miller's new publishing business going forward What that will be, what projects it will concern itself with, we have no idea[...]
Frank Miller Dark Knight Cover
Frank Miller and Lynne Varley's cover art for Book Three The Dark Knight Returns When we noted its presence in Heritage's April 7-10 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction it had high bids of $138,000 But after heavy bidding, it instead sold for $264,000. It is not a record for a Dark Knight original art page that[...]
Frank Miller Dark Knight Cover
Today, as part of Heritage Auctions' Platinum Session, the original artwork for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book Three: Hunt The Dark Knight, by Frank Miller, is up for auction It currently has bids of $138,000 and goes under the hammer today It could well go a lot higher Even previous to the recent boom[...]
How We Won The War - Mathew Klickstein's Oral History Of Comic-Con
With forwards from Stan Sakai and Jeff Smith, and an afterword by afterword by Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, it includes reminiscences of Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Bruce Campbell, Felicia Day, Scott Aukerman, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragonés, Trina Robbins, the Russo Bros., Lloyd Kaufman, Tim Seeley, Kevin Eastman and more. A comprehensive chronicle of Comic-Con International[...]
Dave Sim Does Frank Miller's Daredevil For Cerebus In Hell
This time it is with Frank Miller's Daredevil Take a look at June's Giant Size Public Defenders #1 solicitations including Varkdevil… and Satan taking the role of Elektra I'm surprised Dave didn't substitute the Whore Of Babylon instead, that would seem more his thing… Dave Sim Does Frank Miller's Daredevil For Cerebus In Hell GIANT SIZE PUBLIC[...]
Kevin Smith Launches Golden Apple Comic & Art Foundation
Alongside family members (Ryan, Kendra and Sharon Liebowitz) the initial company board is comprised of film director, Kevin Smith, his podcast collaborator, comics writer Marc Andreyko, comics editor and journalist Heidi MacDonald, comic store owner of Atomic Comics Mike Malve and producer Gary Prebula. In addition to curating private collections on behalf of donors, the Foundation has[...]
Robocop Takes On The Terminator, Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Written by Frank Miller and art by Walter Simonson, this was an event when it was published and was damn good as well It kinda changed how the crossover comic was treated, as Dark Horse continued to crossover their licenses and created the stories people wanted to see but would never get on the big[...]
Frank Miller Does Prophet, Gives Thanks for FOC, 16th January 2022
Craig Russell and David Rubin but is not returnable as previously stated. Rick And Morty gets a Dungeons And Dragons crossover for a Meeseeks one-shots with a 1:10 cover. It's been rather delayed but Axelle Lenoir's graphic novel Secret Passages from Top Shelf goes to FOC. Prophet #1 gets a facsimile reproduction for Image Comics' 30th anniversary, including[...]
Hard Boiled #1 (Dark Horse, 1990)
The collectible must have no evidence of any manufacturing or handling defects."  As of this posting, there are 6,977,732 comic book entries on the CGC census.  Of those, there are 7,146 CGC 10.0 listings, or 0.1% of the total.  It's an incredibly elusive designation, and even brand new comic books fresh out of the case[...]
Frank Miller's Black Widow Original Art – Daredevil #187 At Auction
Frank Miller's early work has been in heavy demand in recent years, especially that with Klaus Janson Pages and covers from The Dark Knight Returns have sold for truly stellar amounts, but his work on Daredevil with Janson is also in the spotlight Such as this page from Daredevil #187, with the first proper look[...]