Late Night Fantastic Four Play


The Collectors Society boards, manned by folk who think nothing of spending five figure sums on a comic book in the right condition, have been discussing the Fantastic Four rumours first brought to light by Bleeding Cool. And some have heard similar. Such as jaybuck43 from Hoboken, New Jersey, who posted separately to Bleeding Cool's original article, below (with *spoon* replacing the usual profanity).

"I've heard an unsubstantiated rumor that people were wondering around the Marvel offices tearing down X-Men related stuff hanging up because they are pissed at Fox. Would not be surprised if they cancel FF for no other reason than to spite fox (especially because sales haven't been stellar)"

"I mentioned it before, there IS a *spoon* match going on right now between Marvel and Fox. This exists. Whether they actually canceled a book over it, IDK yet."

"So yea. My understanding is that all images of anything in the marvel office pertaining to fox properties not limited to but including xmen and ff have been removed"

"The rumors that I am hearing is that due to the amount of money Marvel has to pay Fox under the licensing rights is what sent Ike over the edge. Basically the checks were getting bigger and bigger, and he finally cut a check so big that he flipped out, and the decree was sent down that Marvel was no longer supporting Fox. As such FF was canceled and Marvel/Disney is not putting the machine behind anything that they have to cut a check to Fox over. But again this is just the rumors I am hearing."

We know that the Fox deal done at the time of bankruptcy was bad… but this bad? Anyone who has access to such paperwork, do let us know…

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