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Medicom Debuts New Marvel Comics X-Factor Cyclops MAFEX Figure
The X-Men are back as Medicom has revealed their newest Marvel Comics MAFEX figure with the arrival of X-Factory Cyclops Standing at roughly 6" tall, the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops, is ready to take on the Brotherhood of Evil once again Sporting his comic book blue and white costume, Cyclops is loaded with detail[...]
Star Wars #100 CGC 9.8 Copy Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Star Wars #100, with its painted cover with the big three front and center, is one of the best covers of the original Marvel Comics run The comic itself is not very good, but as far as covers go for Star Wars #100 if really is one of the best, from artist Tom Palmer Today,[...]
Star Wars #107, The Final Marvel Comics Issue From 1986, On Auction
Star Wars #107 was the final issue of the original run of Marvel Comics-based on the space opera Long known to be the hardest issue of the run to get, it features what I can only describe as the worst Star Wars cover of all time By this time, the print run on the book[...]
Silver Surfer #4 Is Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions Today
Maybe one of the five most iconic covers from Marvel Comics, Thor swinging at a charging Surfer, is just such a mesmerizing piece of art John and Sal Buscema crushed this one; I imagine when this one was done, they took the rest of the day off and high-fived each other On auction right now[...]
Jim Krueger Talks To Bleeding Cool About Earth X and Eternals
I talked to writer Jim Krueger, to see how it all went down. Earth X by Jim Krueger, John Paul Leon and Alex Ross Rich Johnston: When writing Earth X, what led you to place a forming Celestial in the centre of the Earth? What was Alex Ross' influence on that? And would you have liked the[...]
Carnage Arrives as Queen Studios New Marvel Comics Statue Debuts
Coming out of the dark side of Marvel Comics, Carnage is back with a new life-size bust from Queen Studios The deadly Spider-Man villain stands roughly 29.5" tall as he is placed in a dynamic pose with a Themed base His paint schemed, and design comes to us from the recent Carnage Marvel Comics story[...]