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Interior preview page from NEW FANTASTIC FOUR #3 NICK BRADSHAW COVER
All of that doing what he does best finally catches up with Wolverine in this preview of New Fantastic Four #3 Check out the preview below. New Fantastic Four #3 by Peter David & Alan Robinson, cover by Nick Bradshaw Chaos erupts in Sin City as Asmodeus' demonic influence spreads…and the New Fantastic Four are caught in the[...]
Marvel Puts The Fantastic Four In George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards
Taking scenes from one of the later books he contributed to, and adding it to the way the first scenes play out. Looking at the origins of the Xenovirus that came from another world and transformed the population of the planet, some accidentally, some on purpose, and its nature is weaponised by the powers that be. With[...]
Marvel Studios Has Three Avengers Films Coming To 'Multiverse Saga'
Marvel Studios was not done announcing things it turns out, as they officially announced Phase 6 will include the Fantastic Four hitting theaters on November 8th, 2024, followed by two Avengers films Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on May 2, 2025, and then wrapping up with Avengers: Secret Wars on November 7th, 2025 Phases 4, 5,[...]
Asmodeus calls Ghost Rider's bluff in this preview of New Fantastic Four #2… beyond the leather jacket, chains, and flaming skull head, he's actually a bit of a softy! Check out the preview below. New Fantastic Four #2 by Peter David & Alan Robinson, cover by Nick Bradshaw Wolverine, the Hulk, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man have reunited to[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday X-Men
Today sees the publication of Fantastic Four #45, the penultimate Dan Slott Fantastic Four issue, as the Reckong War has ended but there must still be… a reckoning As all The Watchers, their history finally revealed as being responsible for the worst the universe has suffered, now made powerless Their vision, their sight, and their[...]
The Watcher's voyeurism fetish finally catches up to him when he can't stop watching in this preview of Fantastic Four #45 Check out the preview below. Fantastic Four #45 by Dan Slott & R.B Silva, cover by Cafu The Reckoning War: Epilogue – "Open Your Eyes"! Following the explosive events of the Reckoning War, the Marvel Universe has[...]
Fantastic Four Annual #2 featuring the origin of Doctor Doom (Marvel, 1964).
First appearing in Fantastic Four #5 (cover-dated July 1961) Doom's origin and rise to rule in his country Latveria was detailed at length a short time later in Fantastic Four Annual #2 (1964).  That issue describes how Victor von Doom's childhood in Latveria and his mastery of both science and sorcery led him to that[...]
PrintWatch: Thor, Spider-Man, FF, Captain America, Grim, Moon Knight
PrintWatch: Thor #26, Amazing Spider-Man #3, New Fantastic Four #1, Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty #1, Moon Knight: Blood White And Blood #2 get second prints, and we get a look at the download-less Marvel X Fortnite: Zero War #1 second printing and Grim #1 gets a look at its 4th printing. PrintWatch: THOR 26 COCCOLO[...]
Chris Evans Would Rather Return As Johnny Storm Than Steve Rogers
In the early 2000s, we got two Fantastic Four movies, and they really aren't great The first one isn't as bad as you remember it is, it's about what you expect from the time, and the second one is just as bad as you remember The casting in those movies, aside from Jessica Alba as[...]
Marvel Comics
Who Watches The Watchers? Dan Slott does! Slott is leaving the Fantastic Four after four-and-a-bit years, and is changing the Marvel Universe on his way out and maybe, just maybe, that will involve his continued rewriting and reconceptualising the history of The Watchers First, he changed the home planet and species of the Watchers, tying[...]
Marvel Comics
Previously, Bleeding Cool reported that Dan Slott was to leave the Fantastic Four comic with Fantastic Four #46 in August, promising the introduction of the lost daughter of Nathaniel Richards and the sister of Reed Richards And he is still leaving But is going out with a bang.   But that comes after the conclusion of The[...]
Auto Draft
Fantastic Four #46 for August is promised as the introduction of the lost daughter of Nathaniel Richards and the sister of Reed Richards by Dan Slott and CAFU But from the house ad in today's Marvel comics being shared on social media, it will also be the final issue by Dan Slott who has been[...]
John Buscema, The Very First To Homage Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #1
The John Buscema,Fantastic Four #126 cover that reprised the original Fantastic Four #1 cover by Fantastic Four co-creator Jack Kirby, and is also signed and inscribed by the comic book's writer, and Fantastic Four's other co-creator Stan Lee And while the FF #1 cover has been homaged, referenced and repeated so many times – this[...]
Rewriting The Origin Of The Watchers In Fantastic Four #43 (Spoilers)
Bleeding Cool ran a little Fantastic Four gossip a few weeks ago, which seems to have come to fruition today Looking at aspects of The Reckoning War which were set up by Dan Slott almost fifteen years ago are coming to fruition, as the character co-created by Dan back then, Gauntlet gets involved. The Badoon want[...]
Marvel Previews
You can find other early Marvel previews here grouped together,  but we had a few left over, Fantastic Four #43, which you can compare to some of our previous Fantastic Four gossip if you want, as well as Savage Avengers #1, Spider-Punk #2, X-Cellent #4 and Marvels #10. FANTASTIC FOUR #43 MARVEL COMICS FEB220978 (W) Dan Slott (A)[...]