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WandaVision's Matt Shakman In Talks To Direct Fantastic Four
We've now witnessed two live-action adaptations of Marvel's Fantastic Four lineup, with the first becoming an eccentric cult classic and the second iteration earning horrible reviews from fans and critics Soon enough, the popular comic book team will get yet another shot at life as they plan to join the current MCU era, which is[...]
Pedro Pascal To Star In Weapons, New Film From Zach Cregger
The long hell that has been the casting of the Fantastic Four might be finally coming to an end now that some of the big trades are starting to report on casting Since the big Disney Investor Day back in December of 2020, when Marvel showed off that infamous logo and the internet collectively lost its[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #13 ALEX ROSS COVER
Behold, coming to your local comic shop this Wednesday, November 15th, is Fantastic Four #13 Time for the Fantastic Four to add 'paleontologist' to their already overstuffed resumes Why? Let's have a gander at what Marvel's promising us this time around: Two universes, human and dinosaur, are colliding – and if one universe isn't sacrificed, then[...]
Marvel's Giant-Size Fantastic Four
Following Miles Morales Vs Dylan Brock's showdown in January's Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 by Cody Ziglar and Iban Coello, writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Creees Lee continue the Giant-Size series in February with Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1, which Bleeding Cool first noticed was coming a month or so ago. This February, learn the real meaning behind Imperius[...]
Fantastic Four Director Matt Shakman: “It’s Different in So Many Ways”
People have been waiting for the Fantastic Four specifically for a long time now, and the "rumors" about the casting for this film are reaching "Will Deadpool 3 be R-rated" levels of annoying when it comes to speculation posts Even if we here on the internet don't hear anything, that doesn't mean things aren't in[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #12 ALEX ROSS COVER
Like a dried-out mammoth carcass buried in permafrost, Marvel's Fantastic Four #12 should be a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts everywhere, but somehow it feels like we've seen it all before Releasing on Wednesday, October 4th, this narrative gem will showcase our beloved heroes swapping places with super-powered dinosaurs We've gone full Dino-Rachel, folks! What happens[...]
The Fantastic Four Gets A New Member (Spoilers)
His new wife, his adopted kids, his fellow member of the Fantastic Four, it's all coming together Except for one thing. He doesn't like dogs, especially not this dog, especially when it invades his home doing… what dogs do I wouldn't know, I just got a cat I also didn't want one, but I've got one,[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #11 ALEX ROSS COVER
Attention loyal subjects, this Wednesday, we continue our march toward peak nostalgia with yet another yawn-inducing roller-coaster ride, Fantastic Four #11, from your favorite cash cow, Marvel This time around, it seems that Ben Grimm, otherwise known as "The Thing," our beloved orange rock pile, traded in his breakfast cereal for a trip down the[...]
Advance Comics Spoilers
Fantastic Four #11 Spoilers ahead! In 2009, Marvel Comics got the rights to publish Marvelman – or Miracleman comics – paying Mick Anglo a seven-figure sum to secure the rights to the British simulacrum of Captain Marvel, who gained greater prominence in the US under the pen of Alan Moore, Garry Leach and Alan Davis[...]
New Marvel Studios Statues Arrive from Diamond from Hawkeye and Thor
Some heroic and deadly villains from the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and X-Men have arrived Up first is the debut of Mister Fantastic and, in an adorable animated style, bringing the artwork of Scottie Young to life This stretchy hero is limited to only 3,000 pieces and is priced at $59.99. We then transition to the villains[...]
In a seemingly futile attempt to set our hearts aflame with more rehashed superheroes showdowns, Marvel presents 'Fantastic Four Annual #1', set to hit stores in a fiery blaze this Wednesday, August 23rd The incredible 'flame versus hellfire' angle and the grueling standoff between Human Torch and Ghost Rider, once again makes us question, just[...]
Would You Buy Freddie Mercury's X-Men Comics Collection?
Including his comic book collection. Listing from Sotheby's There is one listing for Comic books, detailed as The Fantastic Four, 22 issues, 1965-1977, X-Men, 3 issues, 1987 and Booster Gold, 1 issue, 1987 Looking at the price stickers and price stamps, Freddie Mercury seems to have bought copies of the Fantastic Four from Popular Book Centre, a[...]
Jack Kirby's Son, Neal Kirby Responds to Stan Lee Disney+ Documentary
Granddaughter of Jack Kirby, Jillian Kirby posted on behalf of her father Neal Kirby regarding a recent article published by Marvel Comics looking the Fantastic Four, ahead of the 2025 planned Marvel movie She posted "A statement from my father, Neal Kirby, son of Jack Kirby, disputing an article about the Fantastic Four published 8/8/23"[...]
the boys
With the Marvel Cinematic Universe full of rumors on who will be cast as the latest incarnation of the Fantastic Four, one of the names to pop up is Jack Quaid, who's been in some of the biggest franchises, including The Hunger Games, Scream, Superman, Star Trek, and The Boys The actor already made his[...]
Marvel Comics
So in Moon Knight, we see the comatose body of Vibro after an encounter with the Moon Knight. It seems that he is being monitored by more than just Moon Knight's men. And there is some kind of device beeping. There is another device over in the ruins of the Baxter Building in the Fantastic Four today… As the[...]
Interior preview page from WHAT IF DARK VENOM #1 PHILIP TAN COVER
Someone save me from this nightmare. Anyhow, in case you missed it, the premise is as follows: Ben comes home after some wholesome space adventures, only to find his pals, the Fantastic Four, playing mad scientists with a supposedly "helpless" Klyntar symbiote Anyone got ominous vibes just from reading "helpless" and "symbiote" in the same sentence?[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #10 ALEX ROSS COVER
We're elbows deep into Fantastic Four #10 and frankly, it's less superheroic than superhero janitorial duties Out pops this comic on August 2nd, and what do we have the Marvel universe's hardest working quartet doing? Playing housekeeping to an alien species too dim to fix their own sleeper ship Apparently, the spaceship hit the galactical[...]
Knight Terrors
As established early on by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the Fantastic Four, there is a Marvel Comics within the Marvel Universe which licenses the rights to publish Fantastic Four comics – and others based on other superheroes – that tries and tells the to-them real-life stories of Marvel superheroes This has been followed[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #9 ALEX ROSS COVER
Okay, comic aficionados, brace yourselves for Marvel's latest psychoanalytic debacle, Fantastic Four #9, dropping on the unsuspecting masses this upcoming Wednesday, July 5th Brace yourselves for some deep Freudian insights—or, you know, the claptrap comic book equivalent. It seems Alicia, Sue, and Johnny have decided becoming accidental therapists to Ben and Reed Flirting with mind-wiping aliens[...]
Everything Orchis Is Planning For THe Hellfire Gala
Courtesy of today's Fantastic Four #8 from the, gonna say it now, fantastic Ryan North and Ivan Fiorelli, is proof positive that the Marvel Multiverse has a Mandela Effect dimension This maybe means that the Mandela Effect – all Mandela Effects are true. I grew up absolutely knowing that Nelson Mandela was in jail for decades[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #8 ALEX ROSS COVER
Ah, the Fantastic Four – the so-called "First Family" of Marvel comics is gracing us with another thrilling adventure of superpowered chores and family drama This Wednesday, June 7th, don't miss "Fantastic Four #8," where our titular heroes deal with household abnormalities and spend some quality time outside their pastoral prison Get ready for a[...]
S.H.I.E.L.D Gets A New Acronym Ahead Of Secret Invasion (FF Spoilers)
Fantastic Four #7 spoilers ahead In the comic books, a fair few years ago, the events of Pleasant Hill saw S.H.I.E.L.D establish a gated community as a supervillain prison, using the Cosmic Cube to give the prisoners new identities and attitudes As a result of what went down, S.H.I.E.L.D[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #7 ALEX ROSS COVER
Well, folks, it's another wonderful week in comics, and this Wednesday, May 17th, marks the release of Fantastic Four #7 Marvel just loves making these colossal anniversary issues, and in this one, we're treated to the inevitable family vacation at Aunt Petunia's house Yeah, because when you're the Fantastic Four, what better way to celebrate[...]
Auto Draft
In the previous Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker had already evaded the Fantastic Four once and then took down Captain America in an attempt to save Mary Jane Watson All this happened eighteen months ago in Marvel Time and explains why everything with him has been a bit skeevy with the rest of the Marvel Universe,[...]
Auto Draft
Carnage #12 knows the dangers that New York and the Fantastic Four can bring, and feels safe in Brooklyn, even as we get a reprieve of the diner issue of Sandman. Let's leave them to drown in their own intestines, as today's Fantastic Four #6 also brings us body horror with Mister Fantastic's one-eyed snake. Okay, people[...]
Interior preview page from FANTASTIC FOUR #6 ALEX ROSS COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of Fantastic Four #6! In this issue, the Fantastic Four are unable to stop the spread of a deadly bacteria, so the world is doomed And no, Reed, turning your eye into a penis isn't going to solve anything! Joining me today is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron LOLtron,[...]
When Sue Storm was introduced in the Fantastic Four as The Invisible Girl, it was with the most passive superpower, invisibility Later they added force fields, and Jack Kirby tried to make her a more powerful character in the team, but Stan Lee would constantly rewrite her to be a lesser character, giving way to[...]
Fantastic Four Logo. Credit: Marvel/Disney
One of the big ones to come out was that they would be adapting the Fantastic Four in-house and bringing them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe We learned that Jon Watts would be directing, and the rumors around casting began However, in April 2022, Watts stepped away from the project, citing a full schedule after[...]
IDW To Publish Walter Simonson's Fantastic Four Artist's Edition
Walter Simonson has seen a number of his projects gain the Artist's Edition treatment, such as The Mighty Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Battlestar Galactica, Manhunter and Star Wars, but this is the first time his Fantastic Four run has been collected in this way- the issues he drew, that is, as the Walter Simonson's Fantastic[...]
Marvel Comics
Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic,of the Fantastic Four has taken a number of odd forms over the years, with his elastic superpowers literally stretched to their limits, courtesy of Marvel Comics creators. Even at the beginning, shown as changing his shape to that of to a wheel tyre, a parachute, or absorbing attacks from bullets or missiles,[...]