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Cover image for FANTASTIC FOUR #32
Somebody's getting married (again) in a new storyline in Fantastic Four, but in this preview of Fantastic Four #32, it looks like Victorious may want to consummate the marriage early… not with Doom himself, but with a statue that bears his likeness Which gets us to thinking, maybe once Doom settles down, he can put[...]
MARAUDERS #21 cover by Russell Dauterman
AND the Fantastic Four Both teams can be seen arriving to the Hellfire Gala in an early preview of Marauders #21 on, and they're not wearing elaborate dresses and costumes They came in their regular old work clothes! Can you believe that?! MARAUDERS #21 cover by Russell Dauterman   MARAUDERS #21 preview art by Matteo Lolli with[...]
Marvel United Adds Fantastic Four Expansion To X-Men Kickstarter
But, if you want us to sweeten the pot, CMON, the developers behind Marvel United, have added a fantastic last-minute stretch goal. The front of the box for Marvel United: Fantastic Four, created by CMON as a stretch goal for their Marvel United: X-Men Kickstarter campaign. Marvel United: Fantastic Four was a split-second snap decision by CMON, formerly known[...]
Marvel Studios
Oh, and Marvel Studios keeps teasing us with that Fantastic Four logo…. Strap in, True Believers The next 18 months are going to more than make up for the last 18 Avengers Assemble! Marvel Studios made everyone cry this morning, posting a new video welcoming fans back to theaters Typically, we would all be seeing a[...]
"Willie Lumpkin" Is Editing Dan Slott's Wikipedia Page
So if you were looking for information about, say, the comic book writer of Fantastic Four, Dan Slott, it's the first place you might go. Take a Wikipedia editor who goes by the name "Willie Lumpkin" referencing the postmaster of the Fantastic Four Since 2011, they have only edited Wikipedia entries relating to the writer Dan[...]
always sunny
Just when you think there aren't new avenues of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia coverage we can go down, we have an Instagram Stories post from Rob McElhenney that imagines The Gang starring in the MCU's Fantastic Four Sharing the artwork first displayed by The Movie Spot, the image shows Mac (McElhenney) as "Mr Fantastic"[...]
Marvel 2021 Previews
Is it the Human Torch? That's what this Fantastic Four-related page grabbed from the new Marvel Previews suggests when it comes to a promise from Marvel that we will be getting the biggest change to a Fantastic Four member since the comic book debuted 60 years ago, in 1961 Previously, a "profound" change had been[...]
Still on the schedule though… With all these latenesses it hardly seems worth mentioning that Fantastic Four #33 has slipped a couple of weeks from the 2nd of June to the 16th of June But Dan Slott does have a reputation to uphold And Heroes Reborn: Magneto And The Mutant Force #1 has slipped just one[...]
Galactus Hungers With Sideshow Collectibles Newest Marvel Maquette
Sideshow Collectible has been teasing their Fantastic Four Marvel Comics statue for quite some time and today is that we get the full reveal Standing 26" tall, Galactus is standing over the destroyed city as he wields his cosmic power in each hand The statue is beautifully detailed, capturing his cosmic design through his armor[...]
Will Ben Grimm Kill Reed
In Fantastic Four #28 by Dan Slott and RB Silva, in the story Nullified, Marvel Comics' first family were put through the wringer by The Griever, who tortures them with their most likely death Including  that of Reed Richards at the hands of a future Ben Grimm. Fantastic Four #28, art by RB Silva And this Future[...]
First Appearance Of The Skrulls, Up for Auction Today
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Fantastic Four #2 may not be as valuable as Fantastic Four #5 – but maybe one day it could be? Because while Fantastic Four #5 has the first appearance of Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four #2 has the first appearance of the Skrulls The alien shape-shifting race who first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic[...]
Major Marvel Comics Creative Changes For May
We've already looked a few today, here are a handful more. Fantastic Four #32 will be drawn by Javier Rodriguez, along with the previously solicited R.B Silva. Heroes Reborn: Hyperion And Imperial Guard #1 will now be drawn by Stephen Byrne, along with the previously solicited Michele Bandini. Mighty Valkyries #2 will now be drawn by Erica D'Urso, along[...]
Jack Kirby Goes To Auction
And Heritage Auctions, in their 2021 April 1 – 4 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction – Dallas #7242 have a lot of original comic book artwork, including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Devil's Dinosaur, and X-Men #2 – featuring the first time The Vanisher used his powers And leading off with Kirby's classic Captain America[...]
Jack Kirby Goes To Auction
And there's also a Fantastic Four #72 page by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, written by Stan Lee, from the return of the Silver Surfer after the invasion of Galactus two years previously Take a peek… Jack Kirby and John Romita Sr Marvel Comics Memory Album Calendar 1977 Cover Original Art (Marvel 1976) This iconic calendar[...]
Fantastic Four, Wolverine, and Spider-Gwen Figures Unveiled by Mezco
Three sets of figures were showing during the online convention, and starting us off was a full reveal of the Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four were teased at the last MezCon as a simple announcement, but this time, we are getting our first look at Marvel's favorite superhero family Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing,[...]