Lying In The Gutters – 17th June 2018 – Geoff Johns is Mister Ex…

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Lying In The Gutters – 17th June 2018 – Geoff Johns is Mister Ex…

And this week it has been Classified mutant comics revealed, and the behind-the-scenes of the new Heroes In Crisis, Geoff Johns at DC Comics and the latest news in the recent Stan Lee saga… but not one he'd ever have wanted to write.

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Marvel Celebrates 10 Years of the MCU With Timeline, Contest, and a TON of Posters
  2. "I Can't Tell You Stuff Like That!": Jim Butcher Talks Dresden and More
  3. Would You Like to Know What Marvel's X-Classified is Actually Called?
  4. Jim Lee Becomes CCO of DC Comics as Geoff Johns Quits for Writing-Producing Deal
  5. Stan Lee Associate Keya Morgan Arrested Today in Hollywood
  6. Geoff Johns and DC Comics: The Late-Night Gossip
  7. What in the World is DC Comics Doing with Poison Ivy This Week?
  8. Jason Aaron and Christian Ward Deliver a Donny Cates Thanos-Style Twist in Thor #1 (Major Spoilers)
  9. Tom King's Big New DC Thing Announced Today on Superman Day?
  10. Stan Lee Gets Court-Appointed Legal Guardian, Emergency Orders Placed Against Keya Morgan
  11. DC Heroes in Crisis: Everyone at Sanctuary is Dead
  12. What Actually Happened With Reed and Doom in Secret Wars, Revealed in Marvel 2-In-One Annual (Spoilers)
  13. Heroes in Crisis: DC's Next Big Event by Tom King and Clay Mann Explores Sanctuary Trauma Center
  14. After Man Of Steel #1 Flopped, DC Comics Increase 1:100 Tiered Variant Covers for Superman #1
  15. What Did Tom King Talk About on Late Night With Seth Meyers?
  16. Jim Lee Addresses Public Following DC Management Shake-Up
  17. Legendary Digital Pulls Chris Hardwick References Amid Accusations
  18. More Outrage Sketch Covers From Frank Cho
  19. 20th Century Fox Responds to Comcast's Bid
  20. Will the New Age of DC Heroes Comics Make it to Issue 12?

And Fifteen You May Prefer

  1. Diamond Issues Warning Over Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories
  2. Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are No Longer Co-Publishers of DC, but Publishers
  3. Rumour: G Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman?
  4. Here's Geoff Johns's New Website
  5. Mark Millar's Daughter's New Comic 'Lion Girl' Undercuts Industry Prices by Two Thirds
  6. The Third Main Character for Heroes in Crisis? [Potential Spoilers]
  7. Stan Lee Files Restraining Order Against Keya Morgan
  8. Follow Along with Heroes in Crisis with Bleeding Cool's DC Event Checklist
  9. Chris Hardwick Responds to Abuse Claims, Denies All
  10. It Seems Cloak and Dagger are Mutants Again in Marvel Comics Continuity
  11. Comic Artist Censored, Then Fired for Political Beliefs
  12. Separated At Birth: Frank A Kadar's Thing Vs Tejay Henson's Thing
  13. When You Walk Through the Pages of Hawkman #1…
  14. What Do Tom King's Previous Batman Comics Tell Us About How the Wedding to Catwoman Will Go?
  15. Is Venom Better Than Watchmen?

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