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Saturday Morning GI Joe Thanks FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022

Thank FOC It's Sunday-  Planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off at Diamond Comic Distributors on Monday. And now Lunar Distribution and Penguin Random House on Sunday as well. So here's this week's comics product coming through that may adjusting as demand slips and slides with the emerging economic bubble. Or somesuch.

Thank FOC It's 27th December 2019 -

Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty. A final opportunity for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added. A time for credits to be amends, new covers to be revealed, and a final push given. This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items.

What's FOC-ing this weekend?

Thank FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022

  • Summer Fires by Giulia Sagramola is his first long-form graphic novel, published for the first time in English from Dark Horse Comics. "We follow the story of two sisters, Rachel and Sylvia, as they come of age in a typical Italian town. The two find themselves faced with the tough choices of teenaged life, which mirror the fires in the surrounding hillsides of the town, as one decision or another leads to unsettled feelings and desires. This wonderfully and meticulously illustrated tale takes all of the consternation and heartbreak we know too well from teenaged life, and puts it on display in a beautiful and subdued package."
  • Forsaken #1 by Sebastian Suarez and Francisco Paronzini launches from Second Sight Publishing. In fact they have a few series solicited in the summer of 2021 which are finally making it to print and so are getting an FOC. Orison #1 by Bradley Golden and Gleidson Ribeiro is another, as is Silence #1 by Evan K. Pozios and Alex Sanchez, These Damn Kids #1 by Bradley Golden, Peter Breau and Helmut Racho.
  • GI Joe Saturday Morning Adventures #1 by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening may be IDW's last hurrah at this sort of thing. A parody version of the classic 1980s cartoon. And a 1:10 tiered cover.

Thank FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022

  • Past The Last Mountain #1 and #2 by Paul Allor and Louie Joyce launches from CEX "Half a century ago, the United States rounded up and imprisoned all the fantasy creatures that live amongst us. Now, a faun, a dragon and an adorable troll boy have escaped confinement, and are on the run from the United States Army! Plus, we take you back to the war with short stories written by Allor and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, Chris Evenhuis, Paul Tucker, Joe Mulvey, Becky Jewel, Anderson Cabral and Aaron Houston!"
  • The Supermassive one-shot for the big Image Comics crossover by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Mat Groom and Francesco Manna from Power Rangers; Shattered Grid and Ultraman with 1:25 and 1:50 tiered covers.

Thank FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022

  •  Philip Kennedy Johnson and Edgar Salazar lead the Carnage Forever anthology with 1:25 and 1:50 variants.
  • Devil's Reign hits Spider-Man for a three-issue mini-series. Will Devil's Reign make the changes it is promising? To Spider-Man as well?
  • Ghost Rider #1 launches from Ben Percy and Cory Smith. Watch out though, the comic will now run 56 pages at a new price of $5.99 not 32 pages at $3.99, with 1:25, 1:50 and 1:100 variants,
  • Hulk Grand Design Monster launches from  Jim Rugg.
  • Marvel rebrands the Meet The Skrulls TPB as Secret Invasion: Meet The Skrulls. Also just $24.99 as opposed to the originally solicited $29.99.
  • She-Hulk #1 was a surprise hit in many comic book stores with an unannounced Reckoning War tie-in. Maybe time to up those #2 orders?

Thank FOC It's Sunday, 23rd January 2022

  • Garth Ennis and PJ Holden's Lion & Eagle #1 is up for FOC from AfterShock Comics with 1:10 covers. "Oversized prestige format miniseries from the mind of Garth Ennis! 1944: Imperial Japan still commands most of Asia. Determined to regain their hold on Burma, the British send a special forces unit – the Chindits – deep behind Japanese lines. Their mission is to attack the enemy wherever they find him. What awaits them is a nightmare equal to anything the Second World War can deliver. Colonel Keith Crosby and Doctor Alistair Whitamore have old scores to settle, being veterans of the long retreat through Burma two years before. But neither the jungle nor the foe have gotten any less savage, and when the shooting starts and the Japanese descend on the smaller British force in their midst, every man will be tested to his limit."
  • How did Batman: The Last Knight #1 do? #2 is up…


What's on your FOC?

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