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In the year 2112, ringleader Yellow Kid and headstrong Sosh encounter a haunting sign of Tad;s progress in the past, and back at the cave portal, Emily watches her back as her suspicion of Yellow Kid skyrockets. In Shops: Nov 02, 2022 SRP: 3.99 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1[...]
Super7 SDCC Exclusives Bring GI Joe, Thundercats, More To Show
This year is no different, as they let Cobra infiltrate the San Diego store and a smattering of GI Joe Super7 figure exclusives going on sale GI Joe is not all, though, and while there may still be more revealed, here is a look at what we know will be available from them next week. #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
Cover image for GI Joe: A Real American Hero #295
Mindbender appears to be losing control of pretty much everything in the Cobra Casino in this preview of GI Joe: A Real American Hero #295 Check out the preview below. GI JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #295 IDW PUBLISHING APR221556 APR221557 – GI JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO #295 CVR B GALLANT – $3.99 (W) Larry Hama (A) S[...]
GI Joe HISS Tank HasLab Funded, Two New Tiers Revealed
GI Joe fans en masse responded with overwhelming praise for the launch of the HasLabk HISS Tank revealed on Wednesday The tank became the fastest HasLab launched to reach funding, as the 8,000 piece threshold was met with ease In fact, almost right before fans pushed it across the 10,000 first-tier unlock number, the side-mounted[...]
GI Joe Team Reveals HasLab HISS Tank, Now Available To Order
GI Joe collectors got the big wrap-up to Yo Joe June this morning, as the next HasLab Joe project was made live This one is in the six-inch Classified line and is a HISS Tank The HasLab project is live right now and taking orders until August 16th The cost? $299.99 The HISS Tank looks[...]
GI Joe Week: Classic Storm Shadow Joins The Classified Team
GI Joe Week continues today with our look at one of the most anticipated figures coming this summer to the Classified line, Storm Shadow A lot of people think that this should have been in the first wave, like Snake Eyes Instead, they held him back for a little while This is not the first[...]
GI Joe Week: We Look At The Python Patrol Viper Coming To Target
GI Joe Week continues here at BC as we take looks at some new figures coming from Hasbro this summer after many months of waiting They recently sent us a giant box of Joes to show you all, and today we will be looking at one of the figures in the next iteration of Target[...]
Auto Draft
This marks the first O-Ring figure that I've missed the pre-order for, though not the first recent GI Joe release I also missed out on the Walmart pre-order for a Retro Collection Scarlett figure, and that one never came back into stock, and currently sells for $100 on second-hand markets And the only reason I[...]
GI Joe Week: We Take A Look At The Latest Retro Offerings
GI Joe fans, we recently were sent a box of goodies to take a look at, so over the next few days, we will do just that Today we kick it off with a look at the latest offerings in the Retro lines Classified collectors can look for retro carded figures with a more classic[...]
GI Joe Team Shows Off Two New Classified Figures Up For Order
GI Joe continues to celebrate Yo Joe June, as the team at Hasbro held an Instagram live this afternoon where they showed off final figures for two pipeline reveals from a while ago The stream focused on the new Blue Ninja two-pack and the Kamakura figure they teased us with months ago Both sets also[...]
GI Joe Classified Reveals & Preorders For Second Week Of Yo Joe June
GI Joe collectors were treated to the second Yo Joe June event today, which are happening weekly all throughout the month The Hasbro Joe team held the livestream to reveal not only new figures, but talk a bit about where we are at with releases, make a couple of announcements, and give us a couple[...]
Cover image for GI Joe: A Real American Hero #292
Mindbender reveals plans for a Serpentor do-over in this preview of GI Joe: A Real American Hero #292, to compliment the army of Snake Eyeses he's also making Sometimes it's better to focus on just one project, Mindbender Spread yourself too thin and you end up with shoddy workmanship This is Cobra, not Bleeding Cool![...]
Cover image for GI Joe: Saturday Morning Adventures #3
This preview of GI Joe: Saturday Morning Adventures #3 features callbacks to The M.A.S.S Device and The Pyramid of Darkness as Cobra Commanders continues his latest doomed attempt at world domination The only drawback of this comic is that IDW waited until they were about to lose the GI Joe license before doing something like[...]
Cover image for GI Joe: A Real American Hero COBRA #1
Grunt leaves the Joes in this preview of GI Joe: A Real American Hero COBRA #1, a one-shot reprinting classic GI Joe stories focused on Cobra Classic GI Joe rules nad while we'd normally never advise paying 8 bucks for a reprint, we are in favor of voting up Larry Hama with our whenever possible[...]
GI Joe Classified Reveals & Preorders Shown This Morning
GI Joe held a Fan First Tuesday with the design team that just ended, where they revealed more figures, and let us know that there will be preorders today They started off by again reminding collectors about the shipping wackiness going on right now, it is such a shame they have to deal with that[...]