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Some Advice for Whoever Gets the GI Joe License After IDW Loses It
This week, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston broke the news that IDW is set to lose the Transformers and GI Joe comics licenses from Hasbro, probably sometime in 2022 The news has been met with skepticism, mainly from Robobronies (the official term for hardcore fans of the Transformers franchise) who simply don't want to believe[...]
IDW To Lose GI Joe Comics License In 2022?
But also that they would lose the license to GI Joe I did not hear about My Little Pony, but one could speculate. Back in August, Bleeding Cool broke the news on IDW losing the Marvel Action kids line of titles, which IDW then confirmed, and the Star Wars All-Ages line – which IDW did not[...]
The Man Who Ordered 35,000 Copies of GI Joe #1
I wonder how it's all going to go down? LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday LITG: GI Joe #1 from Marvel Comics The Man Who Ordered 35,000 Copies of GI Joe #1 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Thunder-Guns Joe Rogan Doctor Who: BBC Offers More Details on Jodie Whittaker Final Specials Wonder Woman Black And Gold #6 Blows Up[...]
The Man Who Ordered 35,000 Copies of GI Joe #1
With the launch from Marvel Comics of GI Joe #1. GI Joe #1 from Marvel Comics GI Joe #1 in 1982 from Hasbro as a Marvel comic book was made returnable for the first issue by Jim Shooter So as Common Ground, part of Best of Two Worlds comic book store chain in the Bay Area, I[...]
GI Joe Straight Arm 9 Back Snake Eyes Up For Auction
GI Joe prices have shot through the roof these last few months, as the collectibles market has blown up Joes have seen some of the most action, as there are new films, books, comics, and the mega-popular 6-inch Classified line all on the market right now Still, nothing beats the vintage Real American Hero line,[...]
1980s GI Joe Cartoon Finally Returns... as a Comic Book
GI Joe: A Real American Hero was perhaps the finest television show of all time At least, that was our opinion forty years ago, and we haven't found any reason to change our minds since It's no surprise considering some of the talent that ran show, including comic book legend Steve Gerber, but nonetheless the[...]
GI Joe Classified Figures Revealed At Hasbro PulseCon
GI Joe kicked off day 2 of Hasbro PulseCon today, with all eyes on the Classified Series Fans and collectors are ready for as many figures as they can give us, as long as they are not in the Target exclusive Cobra Islan line While they have done a good job getting figures back onto[...]
IDW December 2021 Solicits & Solicitations In Full
IDW Publishing full December 2021 solicits and solicitations includes Data's own Star Trek: Mirror War #1 story, as well as collections of Bermuda, and a new Red Panda and Moon Bear graphic novel, as well as Turtles, Transformers, Sonic The Hedgehog, GI Joe, Canto, My Little Pony, artist editions for John Buscema's Silver Surfer and[...]
IDW is launching a new 10-issue Sonic The Hedgehog comic mini-series called Imposter Syndrome by Ian Flynn and Thomas Rothlisberger that may actually by #40, but it works for Marvel so why not IDW too? James Kochalka has a new Glork Patrol graphic novel, as well as plenty of My Little Pony, GI Joe, Transformers,[...]
In GI Joe A Real American Hero #285, a band of Joes closes in on the last known location of the villainous Al Kawbra, a former industrial center abandoned and then reclaimed by jungle But just as they're about to enter the facilities, the Joes are attacked… by a bunch of self-driving cars gone beserk![...]
Snake Eyes Replica Sword Exclusive Coming To Gamestop
Credit Gamestop Snake Eyes Replicas Are Always Cool Collection Additions "This Modern Icons Replica: 1:1 GI Joe Sword with Sword Mount Stand featuring the G.I Joe insignia logo is a must-have collectible for G.I Joe fans, young and old This legendary Arashikage blade serves as a vital and primary weapon of choice for Snake Eyes, forged from[...]
Marvel Legends Fan First Friday: Galactus HasLab Revealed, Plus More
GI Joe Ultimates were announced from Super7 yesterday, and they look glorious Just like every other Ultimates line from them, the first wave, consisting of Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes with Timber, and the B.A.T., all come loaded to the gills with accessories, and for this line, they will be cartoon accurate There are, of[...]
GI Joe A Real American Hero #284 is in stores from IDW Publishing on Wednesday, and in this preview of the issue, we see that Al Kawbra may have blown his entire plan… for a pizza?! It may seem outrageous, but for fellow pizza connoisseurs, it makes perfect sense Al Kawbra probably read on yelp[...]