Supergirl's Katie McGrath Wants Bruce Willis For Lex Luthor As News Industry Cheers Major Breakthrough


The online superhero news industry was joyous Wednesday after website ScreenRant unveiled a huge advancement in click bait article technology when they successfully published an article with the headline "Supergirl: Lena Luthor Actor Wants Bruce Willis to Play Lex." While actors, sports stars, or pro wrestlers naming characters they'd like to play in upcoming or hypothetical superhero movie productions has been considered headline-worthy news for some time, this new development makes fair game any comments by an actor about any role that a completely different actor can play, opening up a whole new realm of possibility for feeding the hungry maw of the 24 hour entertainment news cycle.

"Researchers have been working for years to bring this technology to fruition," said Head of Clickology at the prestigious Trump University, Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms. "I have to admit I'm a bit jealous that ScreenRant has won the arms race, but in the end, this will be good for everyone. This could be the biggest breakthrough in our field since since James Gunn got a Facebook account."

Professor Puffinbottoms explained that Katie McGrath's answer to the question of who would be her "dream casting" for Lex Luthor, in which she stated, "One episode? Bruce Willis, the most amazingly, good-looking, bald man there ever is… He's delicious. He'd be a good Lex," would normally rank as only a minor addendum used to fill space in a traditional clickbait article with a meatier topic, such as a tweet.

"But when ScreenRant pulled that specific, magical quote from a TVLine interview and turned it into a headline and article with absolutely no other quantifiable substance," Puffinbottoms continued, "they changed the game for everyone." The professor assured Bleeding Cool that Search Engine Optimization experts agree that the clickthrough rate on these posts will be so high, it won't matter if the story actually has a chance in hell of coming true.

We wanted to speak with Professor Puffinbottoms further about the subject, but we realized we needed to scour recent interviews with superhero movie and TV show stars to see if there's any famous actor they would like to see play a role in their production before our competitors get to it first. It's a cutthroat business, entertainment news, but we love it. Why else would we do it? Oh yeah, for the money.


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