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"Hatchet" Star Danielle Harris Suggests More Sequels Are Coming
After a period without films, the surprise sequel Victor Crowley caused critic opinions to shift and between that and a strong fanbase, it makes perfect sense to return to Hatchet in some capacity. The Adam Green Hatchet series has an extreme appreciation for horror itself, casting actors from Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Candyman[...]
'Victor Crowley': The 'Hatchet' Sequel You Didn't Know About (TRAILER)
If you love horror movies, then you can appreciate Adam Green's desire to always save the big surprises for when you least expect them For fans of the Hatchet films, Green may have topped himself in a way he may never be able to repeat Victor Crowley is the fourth installment in the horror franchise,[...]
Adam Green Finally Reveals Who Will Direct Hatchet III
You might remember that back in August Brendon interviewed filmmaker Adam Green at FrightFest, and Green revealed that he would not be directing Hatchet III himself, but that he had picked a director who had been a part of the Hatchet crew all along Now ordinarily the question of who will direct a horror movie[...]
We've Also Got The Scoop On Adam Green's New Horror Sitcom Holliston
During Brendon's highly illuminating talk with Adam Green at Frightfest, he also got the writer-director to talk a bit about his new TV series, Holliston, which is presumably named after Green's home town of Holliston, Massachusetts. "The show is called Holliston, it's the first ever horror sitcom It's kind of like the anti-Friends, so it's a[...]
We've Got The Scoop On Hatchet 3 And A New Found Footage Slasher Reboot
In between watching the latest flicks out on the horror circuit, Brendon stopped by for a chat with filmmaker Adam Green, who is best known for making Hatchet and Hatchet II With Hatchet III on the way, Green was willing to drop a few hints about the film along with a few other tantalising suggestions[...]
Hatchet/Slash Sees Cassie Meets Victor Crowley
Announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel, Image Comics have announced a third Hack/Slash end of year annual, Hatchet/Slash, from Tim Seeley and Hatchet creator Adam Green. Hack/Slash has a history of ripping on versions of classic serial killers of popular culture, but every now and then it goes for an official one. [...]