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Frank Gogol Challenged Over Alleged Barcon Racial Slur
As big-scale comic cons threaten to return, alongside the industry social networking opportunities nicknamed "BarCon," there has been some criticism over how such a BarCon system might be challenged when it returns. BarCon Racial Slur twitter screencap Malissa White is a comic book creator, writing on webcomics such as Nightmare, Soundbox, A Wailing Blade, and writes for[...]
The Society Photos of Thought Bubble Launch Party 2019
With the return of large comic conventions on the horizon, with ReedPOP and Comic-Con International bringing back big shows, as well as the likes of Thought Bubble and Lakes International starting up, so we have had the return of the #Barcon discussion Barcon is the idea that at comic book conventions, there are later night[...]