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Diane Nelson's #ComicWritersChallenge Gets a $20,000 Bid on Final Day
Anyone want to beat that? Remember there is still a Greg Hildebrandt Captain America currently at $6420… A page from the unpublished Big Numbers #3 by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz currently at $3000.. donated by Paul Jenkins. And a page from X-Men by Jim Lee, with a promise to match the top bid, currently at $18,000 With[...]
big numbers 3 cover
This would have been the cover to an unpublished issue of Big Numbers by Alan Moore and Sienkiewicz The third issue of the unpublished comic book has been put together, lettered and recreated from photocopies but until now it did not have a cover That state of events may now have been repaired The current bid[...]
Mystery Big Numbers Page On eBay
An unpublished cover? An interior piece? Either way it's Big Numbers And it's on eBay For $2000 And I understand there may be more to come… In related news, Big Numbers writer Alan Moore has given an interview to The Big Issue. Singling out ring leader of the 'new atheism' Richard Dawkins, Moore says he can [...]
BC ComicChron
Until that day, read on. Bill Sienkiewicz speaks about Big Numbers #3 Several of the folks – like the sweet Indian gentleman, who posed for the role of the store owner /model train aficionado, wanted to make sure he wasn't being portrayed in any way contrary to his religious beliefs; the black father wanted[...]