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Terra Nova Has Been Cancelled

My first attempt to watch the first episode of Terra Nova was at the Big Screen event last Autumn It was the middle of the afternoon, the big room was crowded and quite noisy, and still I managed to fall asleep.I gave it another go some weeks later.. and I wish I had fallen asleep[...]

Paul Auster Has Co-Written The Mr. Vertigo Screenplay With Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam made an appearance at the tail end of last week's Big Screen, crowning the event with his good humour, admirable stubborness and well practiced backhand return of question after question about his reputed bad luck Off stage, he was also subject to a grilling, and that video has since been posted online.As you'll[...]

Footloose Footage Report From Big Screen

A movie movie.We have characters idenitified or shaded out by their looks, including our hero Ren who has a style borrowed from the big screen and everything from James Dean all the way down the ladder to Grease; we have a dance sequence set in a drive-in where the excitement of dance replaces the excitement[...]

Big Screen Report – Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Footage Report

Guy Ritchie is at Big Screen to unveil a "world exclusive" sizzle reel of footage from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows While we wait for Ritchie's mic to be fixed, the crowd are being appeased with T-shirts.Ritchie has just appeared and said they're nearly done with the film but, as with every movie he's[...]

Big Screen Report – The Three Musketeers 3D Footage

We've just seen some footage from Paul Anderson's 3D take on The Three Musketeers. In the director's video introduction – which was met with some derisive laughter – Anderson told us that the whole sequence was done "for real" with no stunt doubles and "real" swords. The sequence was a version of a scene in […]

The Cowboys And Aliens Saloon At Big Screen

There's a replica (not really at all, actually) Wild West Saloon bar in the midst of Big Screen, serving up.. Cowboys and Aliens bowler hats?Anyway, it's somewhere to see absurdly professional actors in wonderfully kitschy costumes stick brilliantly to their huge, bold characters no matter what you throw at them.**Not literally throw at them.[...]

SCOOP: Star Wars Phantom Menace 3D Is Done, Signed Off By Lucas

I've just had a quick chat with Matt Bristowe, Head of Production at stereo house Prime Focus after the "big" 3D debate at Empire Big Screen He's confirmed for me that all work is complete on the 3D version of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace.As well you know, the film is hitting cinemas[...]

Atom The Boxing Robot From Real Steel Is Lurking At Big Screen

I may or may not have seen Real Steel. I may or may not have a preview piece for you next week. This morning, I bumped into Atom the boxing robot and the third-billed star of the movie – behind Hugh Jackman and the little kid. Should I feel bad because I don't remember the […]

Posters Promote An Aardman Pirates Viral

The above Wanted! image is on display at Big Screen, promoting Aardman's upcoming Pirates! A Band of Misfits in an Adevnture with Scientists picture (to give it both of its names at once).It looks like they want somebody to be funny and in the process earn 100,000 doubloons.The above Wanted! image is on display[...]

Win! Tickets To Big Screen – "The UK's Comic-Con"

For your chance to win one of three pairs of Big Screen tickets, keep reading.It's not actually true that Big Screen is Comic-Con without comics, because there's actually a lot of comics stuff going on, not least a panel with Grant Morrison The emphasis, though, is definitely on big screen stuff (who'd have guessed?), and[...]

Full Line Up For Big Screen Announced, With My "Don't Miss" Tips

Providing a UK response to Comic-Con, or at least the many movie-led portions of Comic-Con, the new Big Screen event seems astonishingly ambitious Between the evening Thursday 11th of August through to Sunday 14th, the event is going to take over the majority of the former Millennium Dome for a giant program of film screenings,[...]

Union Hijack – What Else Is Booked For Big Screen? Lots

It's being called Empire Big Screen, in reference to the magazine and the.. er.. large silver rectangle that I've been worshipping for decades now, and I was at the press launch last week.In the meantime, a press release has revealed a few more details of what's going to be on during the three days of[...]

A Different Secret Screening Every Day At Big Screen

Brendon Connelly reports from the Big Screen press launch;They won't even give us a hint yet, but three secret, surprise films are to play at Big Screen Each will be a preview, and there's likely to be talent in attendance.Any guesses what they might be? Brendon Connelly reports from the Big Screen press launch;They won't[...]

Woman In Black And Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy For Big Screen

Brendon Connelly reports from the Big Screen press launch;Several big films are to have a large presence at Empire Big Screen, and amongst those already fixed are The Woman In Black with Daniel Radcliffe and Tomas Alfredson's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy We're promised new, "world exclusive" footage and they're also teasing that talent will be[...]

Cowboys & Aliens And Fright Night Premieres Bookend Big Screen

Brendon Connelly reports from the Big Screen press launch;The opening night of Empire's Big Screen, Thursday the somethingth of August, will see the UK premiere of Cowboys & Aliens, with talent in attendance.Then, for the closing night, they'll play host to the UK premiere of Fright Night.So, as some wag quipped at the press launch,[...]

The Muppets Themselves To Attend Empire Big Screen

Brendon Connelly reports from the Big Screen press launch;Jason Segel has yet to be confirmed, but The Muppets themselves are to attend Empire Big Screen in August.I will meet Kermit if I have to get arrested as a result.Rich adds - Please Brendon, don't get arrested Frognapping is the only remaining crime that still demands[...]