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A New Chapter Of Crossed: DOA Hits In The Most Crossed Week To Date
It may not be C-Day yet but it sure feels like C-Week On Wednesday, Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press published Crossed Badlands #70, Crossed +100 #2 and Bleeding Cool Magazine's Apocalypse issue, featuring a Crossed +100 cover and Alan Moore interview But they all cost money. Today's webcomic of Crossed: DOA by Garth Ennis and Daniel[...]
Kieron Gillen's Crossed #75 For 2015's C-Day  In April – All The Covers
Every year in mid-April, Avatar Press hosts Crossed parties in comic book stores across the English speaking world, to coincide with the 25th, 50th and now 75th issue of Crossed Badlands. It's called C-Day and it's coming  on April 15th 2015. Written by Kieron Gillen, drawn by Fernando Heinz, it features the Crossed outbreak that somehow we survived,[...]
Swipe File: Crossed Vs Walking Dead, Via The Biscuit Game
As far as we're concerned, last issue's cliffhanger is still up and running. But Negan's plan does remind me of a certain scene from Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrow's original Crossed arc. Spying on the Crossed doing… something. We kind of do… But not just self abuse, there was reason behind their wankiness… Yup, the Crossed got there first, with[...]
Prime Minister Gordon Brown Kicks Off C-Day For Crossed #50
Today is C-Day, the annual celebration of the comic book Crossed, kicking off a new arc on Crossed Badlands by the series creator Garth Ennis and artist Christian Zanier Where comic store owners cover themselves with goop, give out Crossed merchandise and sell the new issue. Garth Ennis has promised one thing with this particular take on[...]
Crossed's C-Day Starts Here
Today is Hellboy Day and I'm planning to pop by Gosh Comics in London today to see what's what. But it's only a precursor for this Wednesday's C-Day, the annual Crossed celebration that kicks off a Garth Ennis-penned Crossed Badlands arc And with issue 50, they are going to expose the story of Patient Zero, the[...]
C-Day Is Coming… Are You Ready To Meet Patient Zero
Was it an act of God? A man-made bio-weapon? Maybe it was evolution? The answers start here. But the 26th is more than just new comic day, it's C-Day! The one day of the year for Crossed fans to let their freak flags fly So make yourself up to look like one of the infected and[...]
BC Mag #3: Get Crossed: C-Day 2013
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric In 2008, Garth Ennis changed the face of horror comics with the debut of Crossed. Having redefined the
Garth Ennis Brings A Sense Of History To Crossed And C-Day
C-Day is coming I already mentioned it a few times A retailer promotion for the Crossed franchise from Avatar, set for March 13th Garth Ennis comes back to Crossed with a new story, a plan for a character to survive beyond it, and a look to the future with a Patient Zero story to come. But[...]
Crossed Gets Die-Cut For C-Day On March 13th 2013
In March, it's one year since the first C-Day, to promote the Crossed series from Avatar. So we're getting another one The Crossed C-Day 2013 retailer promo kit consists of; 25 each of Crossed temporary tattoos, buttons, postcards, stickers and 15 new Crossed masks! Retailers will also get a special Crossed 2013 Annual Retailer Bonus Edition comic[...]
Dealing Cool #4: A Retailer Perspective from Black Cat Comics
Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what's the core of your business? Where are you located, and what's your primary clientele? We pride ourselves on being a comic book store, meaning that we have no trading cards or games.  Not that there's anything wrong with specializing in those lines; I've just[...]
Crossed Day At Collectors Cornered… And More!
Unscripted, reality CC. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCiBA7VBssE[/youtube] In this installment of Collectors Cornered we celebrate C-Day to coincide with the release of CROSSED : Badlands #1 We also participated in the retailer contest to determine a winning store that best promoted the comic & C-Day that Avatar Press was offering to further enhance the event. We gave away promotional Buttons, Tattoos,[...]
Orbital Comics Goes Crossed For C-Day
Today, Avatar have launched C-Day at hundreds of comic stores across Northern America and the UK Free Crossed comics, a new Crossed series by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows, masks, all sorts of giveaways… and a number of stores have transformed themselves into dens of gore to join in the celebration. This is Orbital Comics of[...]
Dealing Cool #2: A Retailer Perspective from Third Eye Comics
Scott Snyder's Batman run brings in more and more new fans to the New 52, and continues to rival Justice League as the top book of the relaunch.  Also, Adventure Time and Ralph Wiggum Comics have both shown huge legs as the kind of surprise cross-over hits that many retailers under-estimated, and end up becoming[...]
Merry CROSSEDmas: Jacen Burrows Talks Crossed With Preview Of Crossed: Badlands #1
Avatar Press has designated March 12, 2012 as C-Day: that day will mark the premiere of Crossed: Badlands #1 by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows in comic shops worldwide, along with in-store promotions and C-Day Survival Kits for retailers, devised to celebrate this very special day in a style befitting the Crossed. The first arc of the[...]
Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows Bring You Crossed Twice A Month – And Launch C-Day!
Future arcs will be written by Jamie Delano and David Lapham. It all starts on March 14th, 2012, with "C-Day", events in all manner of comic stores to celebrate the release of the new comic With Avatar offering C-Day Survival Kits to comic shops with posters, counter displays, temporary tattoos, buttons, posters, masks, and rare Bonus[...]