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Zenesceope's Panel at C2E2 Provided Insights into the Publisher’s Origin Story
The 15 Years of Zenescope panel at C2E2 2020 didn't include any announcements of upcoming books or insights into future projects However, it featured the co-creator of the company Ralph Tedesco and his insights into how the publishing company got its humble beginnings 15 years ago Additionally, the panel featured the Zenescope and Marvel cover[...]
Hasbro Spoiled Gave Ken Lashley Major Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame
On Febuary 28th, 2020, at C2E2 2020, there was a sketch dual between the comic book artists Ken Lashley and Andy Price During this panel, both artists took suggestions from the audience about what characters to draw and what zany situations to put them in During the sketch duel, they both drew the Marvel Comics[...]
Limited number available. Austin Janowsky Table #X-12 The Joker #1 Midtown Exclusive Remarque Copy $100 Comic A limited amount available at the show! Signed with Joker Remarque on each copy! Doug Mahnke Table #H-1 The Mainstream #1 C2E2 2020 Limited Edition – $10 Alternate Realities Should Not Exist. There Should Be Only One. Ours. Get this exclusive reprint of the sold-out The Mainstream #1 by Dolce, Caldwell,[...]