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Arrow Stunt Series – Canary / Arsenal Team-Up
The CW has released the latest Arrow Stunt Series video, this time focusing on the Canary / Arsenal team-up It's interesting to see how a stun coordinator has to work the particular characters fighting style… or lack there of. into a scene The fights have to stay in character. Arrow returns March 18th on the CW. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
The Six Important Moments From This Week's Arrow – Canaries
Which will be interesting to watch over the rest of the season to see if the pendulum will swing back. 2) Oliver is kind of bossy at times… so him pulling Laurel Lance into the alley to talk about her being the Black Canary wasn't surprising Him playing the addict card was a bit And I[...]
Canary Fight – Caity Lotz Returns To Arrow
Now we see in the synopsis for the 13th episode of Arrow, called Canaries, Vertigo is back and this time he hits the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) with his modified drug Laurel's biggest fear involves her sister, Sara, so this leads to a battle between Canaries as Caity Lotz returns for the episode. "Canaries" – Oliver (Stephen[...]