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Disgraced Cartoonist Rolf Harris Dies, Aged 93
Rolf Harris, one of the world's most famous cartoonists, has died today aged 93.  He gained his fame thanks to his work for Australian and British TV over fifty years, as well as musical career culminating in being commissioned to paint the late Queen Elizabeth II's portrait But he gained notoriety in 2014 as he[...]
Auto Draft
Thirty-three cartoonists who previously either won or been finalists for the previous Editorial Cartoonist Pulitzer Prize created a hundred years ago, have signed an open letter objecting to the category change This followed last year's decision not to award a winner from the qualified finalists. Last week the Association Of American Editorial Cartoonists sent a letter[...]
Steve Bell On Maybe Continuing At The Guardian Newspaper
Steve Bell, 2016 Labour Party Conference Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on former Labour MP Chris Williamson's claims that longstanding political cartoonist Steve Bell had been sacked from the Guardian newspaper because his views were too out of kilter for the newspaper This was picked up by a number of political websites who proceeded to claim[...]
Wired Up Wrong
There's a strong vein of cartoonists running through mainstream comics now, and poaching from small press is a tried and tested method of ensuring quality periodicals I suppose this is as good a place to guiltily admit that I've not yet read Artificial Flowers (Rachael's book out on Avery Press), which would probably go a[...]
The British Women Cartoonist And Comic Artists Exhibition In London Kicks Off
But I heard it was a blast. The British Women Cartoon and Comic Artists exhibition, currently running at the Cartoon Museum in London, just round the corner from the British Museum until 23rd July, seeks to answer the question "Why are there no women cartoonists?" with a big "open your eyes!" Well, actually, there are – lots[...]
Zunar Flies Home To Malaysia Today, To Face 43 Year Jail Sentence For His Cartoons
"You can ban my cartoon, you can ban my book, but you cannot ban my mind" – Zunar at British Cartoon Museum — Zunar Cartoonist (@zunarkartunis) November 4, 2015 Today the Malaysian political cartoonist known as Zunar is getting on a plane today from England to Malaysia, where he faces 43 years in jail for satirising the government[...]
Two Killed, One Injured In Shootout At 'Draw Mohammed' Contest In Texas, Won By Bosch Fawstin
Cartoonists were invited to submit cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad and organisers received over 350 submissions The first prize was to have been $10,000. The winner of the prize was Bosch Fawstin, the ex-Muslim cartoonist and creator of the comic book The Infidel, a strongly anti-Islam superhero comic featuring the character Pigman who attacks Islamic terrorists dressed in pigskin, heavily[...]
A New Guido Fawkes For A New Generation –  Designs Wanted
And now they are looking for a new look for their iconic logo of Guy. Paul Staines writes, with an attractive offer, to cartoonists of all political stripes, The Guido Fawkes Blog avatar is widely recognised and seen by readers millions of times every month, he is a cheeky chappy with a big mischievous smile[...]
Cartoonist Arrested For Sedition
Aseem Trivedi appeared in court in Mumbai today, on charges on sedition and is being held on remand until later this month. Such a crime is punishable by
Australian Cartoonist Vs Australian Prime Minister
Cartoonists over the centuries have often targeted the great and the good, and since the sixties especially, the highest in the land have been considered viable targets for the most vociferous abuse, as long as it's in pen and ink, while the politician is obliged to grin and bear it. But Australian Prime Minister Julia Guillard[...]