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Bon Appetit Test Kitchen stars (left to right) Priya Krishna, Rick Martinez, Sohla El-Waylly, Gaby Melian, and Senior Editor Molly Baz (Images courtesy Bon Appetit/Conde Nast).
Their YouTube channel and its multiple stars like Claire Saffitz, Mollie Baz, and Brad Leone had their own fanbases and were cornerstones of their content, as well as their own streaming channel available on Roku, Samsung TVs, and elsewhere. As the pandemic overtook America, the channel only became more popular, people aching for comfort food and[...]
Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Zoom
And each of them have responded to the call with smart and responsible ways to practice social distancing and self-isolation – and still get your chef on. YouTube, along with so many other streaming networks, have been our collective saviors during "The Great Shut In of 2020." But I've especially found myself drawn to cooking videos[...]