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Ninjak 1/6th Scale Figure on the Way From TBLeague This Summer
He is also Colin King, wealthy son of privilege Primed for intelligence work from a young age, Colin King was trained in spy craft by MI6 and in martial arts by the enigmatic mystic known as the Undead Monk Now, he works for the highest bidder, though his conscience often aligns him with the good[...]
Has Valiant Already Cast Ninjak With A Familiar Face?
That and the image of just Rowe's eyes since that's all you see of Colin King through his costume But is this just another case of an actor telling everyone a role he wants? I'm going with "no", since Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani responded to the tweet with one of his own: @Captain_Rowe @ValiantComics @BatintheSun Can't stop[...]
Binge Reading: Valiantly Catching Up On Ninjak
It started with issue #10 which I also read, but I'm going to focus on the Weaponeer / Shadow Wars storylines for now. For those unfamiliar with the character, Ninjak is Colin King, a rich English businessman who is also a freelance agent for MI-6 If you read the Valiant Universe Handbook it tells you that[...]
An Early Preview Of Ninjak #3 By Kindt, Mann And Guice
Mann is handling the modern day story while Guice is drawing the Lost Files that shows just how Colin King became Ninjak. Ninjak went to Tokyo to destroy Weaponeer from the inside out…by claiming a seat on their secret crime council of shinobi masters, the Shadow Seven, for himself! Now, as he continues his quest to[...]