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Heritage Auctions Has a Rare Book Auction Coming in March That Will Blow Your Mind

Go to page nine, and oh, there are some rare first editions of Cormac McCarthy (starting at only $1!) and some early editions of works by Hunter S Thompson, Tennessee Williams, and my beloved John Steinbeck.[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="790882,790881"]One of the main events in the Heritage Auction is a first edition, tenth printing of the[...]

The Wolf Road Review: A Dark Psychological Thriller From Beth Lewis

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]  Beth Lewis' The Wolf Road is a dark psychological detour in the mind of a girl surviving in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Following Elka as she roams a world not-so-different from our own, surviving a harsh landscape, and dealing with harsh questions on the nature of humanity, good, and evil, along with the all-important […]

Image Watch – Revving The Dark Engine With Ryan Burton

That perfect prose that one finds in Cormac McCarthy novels Herbert's Dune. God of War Anthropology and socioculture John's artwork.DD: What are you reading/watching/listening to these days? What has you really excited?RB: In our world? Let's see...Image and Boom! are always putting out quality work I'm in the store whenever a new Prophet is out[...]

Teaser Trailer For James Franco's Cormac McCarthy Adaptation, Child Of God

is an attempt by Franco to recreate and re-imagine the lost forty minutes of William Friedkin's Cruising, As I Lay Dying is based on a novel by William Faulkner and Child of God is a Cormac McCarthy adaptation.Ahead of its premiere at Venice a teaser for Child of God was posted online today.[youtube][/youtube]Franco looks to[...]

Three Nice And Early Clips From Ridley Scott's The Counselor – "In Bed With Penelope Cruz" Update

The full trailer for Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy's brutal thriller* The Counselor will be dropping tomorrow Instead of warming us up with those frustrating cut-downs - remember the teasers for the teaser of Prometheus? - 20th Century Fox have been good enough to release actual clips from the film Well played.[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]Yes, it looks like[...]

Slightly Longer Teaser For Ridley Scott's The Counselor Is Full Of Bad Behaviour

Cormac McCarthy's script for The Counselor is about naughty, good looking people who are interested in money, sex and murder, and manage to blur the lines between those interests.A second teaser for Ridley Scott's film has now been published, premiering at EW, and this time, the focus is on Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz's characters rather[...]