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Crackdown 3
A new report has stated that Crackdown 3 won't be getting any more delays, even with it coming out in a crowded February 2019. Credit: Microsoft Crackdown 3 has seemed like a messy production The game was announced in 2014, with ideas of completely destructible environments and cloud-based processing making for a promising pitch Fast forward four years[...]
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Word has come out that Dave Jones, the creator of the Crackdown series and creative director for Crackdown 3, is no longer working on the game The news came out from VG 24/7, who detailed how Jones was originally part of the project in 2014 when it was announced, but things have changed greatly since[...]
crackdown 3
A new report has hit suggesting that Crackdown 3 will see yet another lengthy delay, being pushed all the way back into 2019. Crackdown 3 has had a rather rough go of it since it was announced The game was announced in 2014 with a big fancy trailer that impressed but since then, it has been[...]
Destiny And Halo Writer Jon Goff Joins Crackdown 3
One of the writers from Destiny and Halo, Jon Goff, is helping pen Microsoft's long-awaited Crackdown 3 according to a recent interview with Paste.  Goff spent some time during the interview to reflect on his perspective writing for Crackdown 3 and how it's different from his past experiences: "With Crackdown, I wouldn't say it's like working on comics and games like[...]
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Dynamite and Microsoft Studios are partnered to produce a new comic series based on the Xbox-exclusive, open-world action-adventure game, Crackdown The series will be written by Shane McCarthy (Transformers: All Hail Megatron) and delve into the catastrophic global events that set the plot in motion for Crackdown 3, while expanding the universe of Crackdown far[...]
Check Out Crackdown 3's Destructucuable Worlds In New Gamescom Trailer
Crackdown is back which is quite weird I assumed that the real enthusiasm for the franchise would have dissipated by now, yet it seems everyone is pretty gosh darn excited for the prospect of a Crackdown 3. And this new trailer is certainly interesting The animation looks a little wonky, but it is in early development[...]
Crackdown Gameplay Will Be Shown At Gamescom
Microsoft will have just finished their conference, in which we actually suspect quite a lot of surprises. Crackdown is one of the games we know will be there and it will show gameplay footage during the show Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that we will see the game in motion over Twitter when replying to a fan[...]
Scalebound And Crackdown Will Be Absent At E3 For Microsoft
A couple of days ago, we heard that Quantum Break was going to be skipping E3 in favour of Gamescom this year, leaving the door open for more content at E3. It seems Microsoft have a lot of games to show too, because Phil Spencer has stated that Platinum Games's Beats headphone dragon slayer game, Scalebound,[...]