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Vincent D'Onofrio Says He's Wrapped on Daredevil Season 3, End of Kingpin?
@Daredevil @netflix pic.twitter.com/UzlH80xp2I — Vincent D'Onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) May 19, 2018 The fact that Vincent said that he wrapped on Daredevil and not specifically "Daredevil season 3" may mean the end of his character Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin True, we haven't seen Fisk since the end of season 1, but we know for a fact that he'll be in season[...]
Daredevil Season 3 Filming in Manhattan Today
Daredevil season 3, under the name R3, will be filming today and tomorrow (4/10) in the Upper West Side near Lincoln Center in Manhattan. I am told that the production crew have have blocked off an area near Fordham University's campus and near The Church of St Paul the Apostle Basically between W 62nd and W[...]
Daredevil Season 3
Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, Joe Quesada, just posted some key art for the upcoming seasons the Marvel series on Netflix, including Daredevil season 3. The Executive Producer of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (as well as Marvel's Agents of SHIELD & Agent Carter) shared these images on his Twitter today. For Daredevil season 3: How about a[...]