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In Praise Of The Day Of The Doctor And Saving Mr. Banks

Banks and The Day of the Doctor Not too much time for in-depth discussion, but I do try to hit on the films' subtexts, and what makes them so worth serious consideration.[display_podcast]Get yourself to iPlayer now for your last (legal) chance to see The Day of the Doctor for free For a few weeks, at[...]

The BBC Have Published A Particular Doctor Who Clip To YouTube Today…. But Why?

The following clip is a massive, massive spoiler for The Day of the Doctor, last weekend's 50th anniversary special and - in my consideration - the best episode of Doctor Who I have ever seen I'm feeling sure about that now, having thought about it quite a lot for nearly a week.But.. why this clip?[youtube][/youtube]I[...]

Our Favourite Five Plot Holes From Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor

A dazzingly inventive fiftieth anniversary episode for Doctor Who, but in seventy-five minutes can everything be wrapped up. Of course not. Here are a few dangling plot ends – apart from the ones which are obviously meant to make you scratch your head like the identity of the Curator and how he got the painting. […]

Afternoon Of The Doctor – Saturday Trending Topics

That almost never happens, due to geography and the timing of major tv events, but it did yesterday. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday: Fifty Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor (UPDATE) Here we go. Very Timely Anchorman 2 Promo: Ron Burgundy Tries To Understand Doctor Who  Somebody is trying to help Ron Burgundy understand one of the day’s[...]

The Comics Industry Gets Ready For… The Day Of The Doctor

Less than hour and half to go!— dan didio (@dandidio1) November 23, 2013We at Hitch Manor are ready for The Day of the Doctor We have popcorn.— BRYAN HITCH (@THEBRYANHITCH) November 23, 2013 Seeing #DayOfTheDoctor in 3D— in a theater— and the guy sitting in front of me is short! #PerfectDay!!!! :-D— Dan Slott (@DanSlott) November[...]

New Found-Footage Style Episode Of Doctor Who Available Now On iTunes

I'm not going to spoil it here.While the episode will ultimately be included on the Day of the Doctor disc, at the moment, it's only available via iTunes It's £2.49, and I just bought it and watched it and......well, it's not the best Doctor Who minisode I've ever seen It does tease some kind of[...]

One Of The Doctors Drops A Really Big Day Of The Doctor Spoiler

Turn back if you don't want to know.This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the centrepiece celebration is The Day of The Doctor Central to its storyline are three incarnations of the Doctor - the David Tennant, Matt Smith and John Hurt variations.But will we be seeing any more?Well, according to Tom[...]

Watch: Clara's Big Entrance From The Day Of The Doctor

In fact, from the way the Doctor looks up, I think he has something to us.The Day of the Doctor airs on BBC One this Saturday at 7.50pm in the UK and simultaneously in your timezone - adjust your alarms accordingly. This clip originates from the BBC's Save the Day site, but here's a[...]

Full, One Minute And Twenty-Seconds Trailer For The Day Of The Doctor

I'm not sure if this is what Rich was trying to post earlier or not, but there is a fuller, longer, better trailer for The Day of the Doctor And here it is.This promises more emotion than the last trailer while still keeping the intricacies of the plot obscured That's the way to do it.Now,[...]

Four New Images From The Day Of The Doctor – Osgood, Liz One, Two Doctors

It's starting to look incredibly like Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor will have separate plot threads, for at least some of its running time, for David Tennant's and Matt Smith's Doctors.Tennant, I think, will be galivanting about with Queen Elizabeth the 1st while Smith, likely in scenes intercut with Tennant's, will[...]