Our Favourite Five Plot Holes From Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor

A dazzingly inventive fiftieth anniversary episode for Doctor Who, but in seventy-five minutes can everything be wrapped up. Of course not. Here are a few dangling plot ends – apart from the ones which are obviously meant to make you scratch your head like the identity of the Curator and how he got the painting. Or the ones that get answered, such as The Moment letting things come in and out of a timelocked Gallifrey, where/when/how the Rassilon gang escaped from the Time Lock (watch again, the bit when they say "The High Council are in emergency session, they have plans of their own" "To hell with the High Council, their plans have already failed".) But what is still standing?


1. How Did The Three Doctors Get Back To Their TARDISes After Entering The Black Archive Via The Painting?

Didn't they have to leave at least one behind on Gallifrey in the Time War, now time locked? How did they get back into the painting?

UPDATE: Nimbus in the comments writes;

They didn't go to Gallifrey to get into the painting. They went to the Tower of London around 1562 where the Gallifreyan paintings were (the Zygons had them remember?). Then they zapped themselves into the "Gallifrey Falls No More" painting. Queen Lizzy kept this for a while and then it made its way into the hands of UNIT. Meanwhile, the TARDISes were left hidden in the Tower somewhere, where the Doctors found them after they came out of the painting.

Very good. And probably negates bits of 3 as well… but we'll include it anyway.

2. Talking Of Which, How Did They Get Out Of The Painting Anyway?

The painting frame was a long, long way away from the action, and anyway the painting only contained a sliver of real time. How could they get that Dalek to smash the glass do far away and then leg it across Arcadia to climb out of the frame? Also, when do sonic screwdrivers push Daleks?

3. And Actually… Why Not Restore A Massive Chunk Of Gallifrey The (Relatively) Easy Way?

If the Three Doctors can get out of the painting, how about the rest of Arcadia? No lost Gallifrey necessary. Just drag everyone out with them and leave the Daleks behind. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate!

4. Didn't That Sonic Screwdriver Get Destroyed And Rebuilt A Few Times?

Back in Smith And Jones for example? And The Eleventh Hour? It wasn't just the casing that was different. I suppose the Doctor could have backed it up with the TARDIS on wifi. Stored the sums in the quantum cloud…

5. And Yes, What About Those Zygons Anyway?

More of a dropped plot than a plot hole but still. Come on. You're just going to leave the mind-wiped Brigadiers negotiating their respective futures and not tell us what happened in the Black Archive? They may not have killed but they had murderous intent…

As for The Silence, Trenzalore and more? Christmas awaits!

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