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DC Gives Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero 6 More Issues
But DC Comics is trying the opposite approach, having launched Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero under "The Great One" Brian Bendis's Wonder Comics vanity imprint as six-issue mini-series, only to then announce each series will be expanded to 12. Paste Magazine had the EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal, along with statements from the creative teams of each[...]
Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Superior Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyberforce, Robocop, Burn The Ophanage, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Trillium, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Dial H, Hunger, The Movement, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Luther Strode
At least mine was in English throughout…   "So Hawkeye is a smash surpise hit" "No one saw it coming" "Can we do it again" "Course we can, just have to have superheroes sitting around talking, being funny and occasionally hitting each other with a bleak art style" "But what… if they were supervillains" "We're so[...]
DC Cancels Legion Of Superheroes, Dial H, More  – Monday Trending Topics
Here's the solicit in question; DC Cancels Dial H And Demon Knights Too… Sorry folks, Dial H and Demon Knights are joining Legion Of Superheroes in the cancellation collection in August… Fifty-Nine Brazilian Artists Draw Fifty-Nine Versions Of Rob Liefeld's Characters From the Quanta Academia de Artes in Brazil and Caio Majado comes fifty-nine recreations of Rob Liefeld's creations[...]
DC Cancels Dial H And Demon Knights Too…
Sorry folks, Dial H and Demon Knights are joining Legion Of Superheroes in the cancellation collection in August… I've really enjoyed both series, through occasional downs but lots of ups Both were in my New 52 top ten, certainly. With the New 52 reducing in the last few months, and another three dropping, it looks as if[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Ten Comics – All New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Dial H, Age Of Ultron, Phantom Stranger, Thanos Rising, Savage Dragon, Uber, Action Comics And Snow Angel
He just doesn't get fancy word balloon marks to hide it. Though his flesh-puppet note writing skills probably leave something to be desired. Over in Dial H they seem to have similar problems… well, if you do dial in the powers of The Flash without any way to control them, you know, stuff happens. Superhero books get a[...]
That Flash/I Vampire Crossover That Never Was, And The Flash/Dial H Crossover That Is
Here's the audio taken from the Amazing Arizona Comic Con from the DC panel, discussing the Flash/I Vampire crossover that never was, with Flash writer Brian Buccellato, I Vampire writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and the interrupting poking annoying Scott Lobdell… [audio:https://bleedingcool.com/wp-content/uploads//2013/01/Flash-IVamp-Crossover.m4a] In which we learn that he planned to have all of the Rogues vampirised and Flash[...]
Did China Mieville Have A Little Dig At Alan Moore?
From the new Dial H, out this week… looking at previous Dial H incarnations and inhabitants. In 2007, DC Comics published League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, which featured the Golliwog Which caused quite the fuss. Could that have been… a dig from Dial H writer China Mieville? Did his editor, and previous editor of Alan[...]
Sunday Reviews: Thief Of Thieves #5 And Dial H #2
Brilliant issue, four out of five.   Eliot Cole reviews Dial H For Hero #2 by China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco Comic book of the week. Dial H had a five star first issue, and Miéville & Santolouco have created a devilishly funny, modern, clusterfuck of a comic. Going to dive right in with that first page, here[...]
Dial H's Mateus Santolouco Talks To Bleeding Cool
After stints at Boom! Studios, fill-in work for Marvel and DC, and creator-owned stuff like Mondo Urbano, he's finally got a shot at starting a series from scratch: Dial H, at DC He's joined by another newcomer to monthly comics, writer China Miéville. Santolouco is set to illustrate at least the first 5 issues of Dial[...]
The Return Of Pandora To The DCU
Twice in one case. And now, with the Second Wave shipping, she's back, appearing in the background of World's Finest, Dial H and GI Combat Not in Earth 2 however, well, that is completely set in a different dimension I expect to see her in Ravagers #1 and Batman Inc #1 as well. And she will also[...]
Who Will Be The First Person To Cosplay As Boy Chimney?
And how long will their hat be? Dial H, the new series from China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco for the New DCU, most unusually edited by Karen Berger, is a relatively humdrum affair The plot is straight out of central casting, is lacking in originality, interest, or anything that might set it apart from the[...]
Is Boy Chimney The Great DC Character Find Of 2012?
Note that The War That Time Forgot appears to be between modern day North Korea and the USA… Batman Inc continues to have multiple Manbats, and Talia still holding the reins…   China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco introduce Boy Chimney, Captain Lachrymose, Abyss and Nelson for Dial H, in what is now my most anticipated[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks
Next week sees Eric Powell's Goon hit that regular schedule, the death of Boba Fett (again), Aquaman, the last Blackhawks, the new Popeye, the beginning of Marvel's VS, the transformation of Nick Fury, the final issue of The Twelve, the Footprints graphic novel, more Crossed Badlands, both my Captain American Idol and Scienthorlogy, after Diamond[...]
The DC New 52 Second Wave Looks Like It May Be Underordered
Dial H and GI Combat are also getting some attention There's no sign of The Ravagers but Teen Titans Annual which will launch them, is getting plenty of Advance Reorders Maybe that's one for next week? I'd expect a second print of Earth 2 very shortly though Hit Girl is making the list by being[...]