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Time for another run through the week's comic books, in the most most popular weekly column at Bleeding Cool, X Thoughts About X.

ROBOLS001_panel Every neighbourhood watch should have a Robocop. Maybe every neighbourhood watch will.


Superior Spider-Man not only has minions, he calls them minions. He's becoming Despicable Spider-Me! Someone let Pixar know, this could be their fight back again.


The Iron Man department store. "First floor repulsor rays, gents ready-made suits, boots, helmets, visors, gloves, Extremis skin… going up. Dooo… do do do dooo…." Also, Tony's position looks a little sensitive. Hope no one kicks the God Killer Suit in the groin.

bto The true nature of new Image title Burn The Orphanage is revealed. It's Street Fighter Vs Stripper Ninjas. If you think that's a snarky summation of the book… it's really not. It's very very accurate.

sam Immortality. A funeral. Satellite Sam breaks out of the orbit of the first issue, but still finds everything just going around and around and around in its own enclosed system.


Sheltered #2 gives us a group of young killers… and a rather cold way of dealing with the slaughter of their parents. I have to say this is a fact I'd never known before, about the burning of bodies. And now I do. Thanks.


That's how you threaten someone. In Cyber Force #5 you go to their collection of Savage Dragon toys..


Trillium nicks my idea of the two people meeting in the middle centre pages of a flip book, from my Royal Wedding comic book. At least I think it was my idea. I may have nicked it myself. At least mine was in English throughout…

IMG_0023  "So Hawkeye is a smash surpise hit" "No one saw it coming" "Can we do it again" "Course we can, just have to have superheroes sitting around talking, being funny and occasionally hitting each other with a bleak art style" "But what… if they were supervillains" "We're so good at comics, we're so good at comics, na na na na, na na na na!"

IMG_0022 In it's final issue, we finally get the return of Boy Chimney from issue 1 of Dial H. Even if he is a bit mixed up with Captain Lachymose… it's good enough. Especially coupled with a double-sized, clever, let's explain it all end…and the secret origin of the telephone.

IMG_0021 Yeah, yeah, Galactus, just wait until you have to deal with the Ultimate Rick Jones…

IMG_0020 And you thought The Movement was all about the 99% and Occupy Wall Street. Turns out its also about Tienanmen Square as well. And, you know, probably all protest, everywhere, everywhen.

IMG_0018 Pax Galactica bring out another Battlestar Galactica phrase to go with last month's "So say we all" for Action Comics.


That's how evil Caldwell Industries are in Detective Comics… they experiment on children! To ensure the kids will be teased in playgrounds forever. Is this the first DC appearance of Batboy?


Luther Strode there, folks. From the writer DC wanted to work on Superboy. That was always going to end well, wasn't it?

So what have we learned this week? That guns don't kill people, neighbourhood watch kills people. That the Weekly World News is true. And That thing about burning bodies in a criss cross. Sweet dreams.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently running the Cats & Cartoonists exhibition, to be followed by Dead Cats, an exhibition of Christian Ward's work.


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