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Humble Bundle Will Launch Their RPG Fae Tactics In Late July
This week, Humble Bundle revealed that they will be leading their upcoming RPG Fae Tactics later this month on Steam And this time around there will be no Early Access nonsense as the game will drop in-full on July 31st, 2020 The game will have you play as a younger magic-user named Peony as you[...]
Fae Tactics Gets A New Trailer During The PC Gaming Show
For those looking to get a new tactical RPG, Humble Games showed off a new trailer for Fae Tactics during the PC Gaming Show This game feels like an absolute throwback to Final Fantasy Tactics, as you will be battling your way across a world filled with magic and peril You can read more about[...]
Divinoids Main Art
The game revealed during the event were The Iron Oath, Ring Of Pain, Prodeus, Wildfire, Fae Tactics, One Step From Eden, and Ambition: A Minuet in Power We have a rundown of all the games below, including the quick five-minute video showing them off Spring is looking good for Humble Bundle. Credit: Humble Bundle Divinoids is a desperate[...]