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More Newt Concept Art From Pixar Might Put You Off Rio

The accepted wisdom is that Pixar pulled the plug on Newt, one of their long-developed features, because the similarly-themed Rio was going to make it out of the traps first. A real shame, because it's been proved a few times over now that Pixar and their rivals can release looky-likey films with no absolutely detriment […]

First Clip From Pixar's New Toy Story Film

The first of the year's two Toy Story shorts will be playing before Cars 2 this summer. Hawaiian Vacation is… set not in Hawaii. And, for most of the characters, it'll be no holiday at all. The premise is simple: Ken and Barbie want to get away, but their plan to stow away goes awry. […]

First Images From Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation

There are two images from the first* Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation, in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Courtesy of a bit of flatbed scanner action, they've also been dragged online. Here they are: Love the Pricklepants. The short has been directed by Gary Rydstrom, the one time sound designer who made something of a […]

A Wealth Of Concept Art For Pixar's Newt

Gary Rydstrom was a sound designer at Pixar who made the move into directing with the short film Lifted. His first feature film was set to be Newt, a romantic comedy about the last two blue-footed newts on the planet, expected to mate but finding that they hate each other.  Sadly, it seems that he […]