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New GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer Steals My Thunder

I think the use of Seven Nation Army is quite amusing, and certainly telling, though I'm still waiting for somebody to cut their action movie trailer to Boom Bang a Bang. Paging Edgar Wright… Last week, I saw a few scenes from GI Joe: Retaliation. The embargo on coverage lifted today, so I was going […]

Numbercrunching The GI Joe: Retaliation Character Banners

Number of males: 6 Number of females: 2 Number of these females doing the whole look at my butt thing we see in so many posters: 1 Number of men doing same: None. Of course Proportion of females going sleeveless: 2/2. Proportion of males going sleeveless: 1/6. But he's topless, so there is that. Number […]

Ray Park Admits To Taking Role In GI Joe 2

This story is going to amount to little more than a couple of offhand jokes and a nugget of information.So, Darth Maul might be making a cameo in Insidious (that's one of the jokes) but the man behind the masque, action man Ray Park, has tweeted that he's coming back for more and reprising the[...]

Hasbro Updates Aplenty – JJ Abrams, Ouija, GI Joe 2 And More

What's the deal with putting a movie called Ouija in theaters just after Halloween? This is the first GI Joe 2 image that I've ever seen Maybe you can remember the name of this ninja dude because I can't No director was mentioned once again which is especially interesting after they named directors for most things[...]