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Big Hair, Bowie And Bombshell Badasses: Fashion In Action With Hope Nicholson
Snyder III has teamed up with Hope Nicholson and Bedside Press to get Fashion In Action fully restored and back in action (and print!) but this can only happen if the Kickstarter harvest is bountiful. Fashion In Action's campaign launched on March 1st and you're going to want to check it out to see the amazing[...]
What Did Hope Nicholson Do When A Comic Con Cancelled On Her?
What happens when a comic convention you are attending cancels on you? That was Hope Nicholson's situation when Wizard World cancelled their Atlanta show this month – and she had already bought nonrefundable tickets to the show and her Secret Loves Of Geek Girls books had already been shipped to the venue. Which is where friend-of-Bleeding Cool, Dr[...]
Dark Horse Publishes Margaret Atwood's Second Comic, For The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls
Frey, Trina Robbins, Twiggy Tallant, Rachel Deering, Hope Nicholson, Crystal Skillman, Marguerite Bennett, Soraya Roberts, Emma Woolley, Gita Jackson, Renee Nejo, Natalie Zina Walschots, Alicia Contestabile, Tini Howard, Cara Ellison, Jessica Oliver Proulx and Erin Cossar. And there's a Toronto launch of the Kickstarter version of the comic at Page and Panel: The TCAF Store's Secret Loves of[...]
Making Ron Swanson Cry – Toronto ComiCon 2015
This is great if you're there to shop, less great if you're there to see badass costumes. Seeing as BC mostly covers American cons, I took a walk around and talked to a few of the most Canadian folks that caught my eye. One of the first stops was Hope Nicholson's table for Brok Windsor, a Golden[...]
The Golden Age Of Canadian Comics, An Inuit Goddess And Kickstarter
Hope Nicholson writes for Bleeding Cool: I've been obsessed with Nelvana, Inuit goddess of Northern Canada since I first heard about her It's mind-boggling to me that I'm finally in a position to share this obsession with the rest of the world. Here's my story, in as much of a nutshell as I can: I was 18, and[...]