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Michael McDermott's Imaginary Drugs Is Addicting
From IDW Publishing, comes Imaginary Drugs, an anthology of sci-fi short stories compiled and edited by Michael McDermott I had the pleasure of meeting Michael McDermott in person and luckily grabbed a signed copy of the graphic novel, in which he wrote eight of the thirty-six stories There are a multitude of writers and artists[...]
Imaginary Drugs At NYCC 2014 For The Hero Initiative And CBLDF
 I ran a rather successful Kickstarter for a little book called IMAGINARY DRUGS back in January and am in the middle of shipping backer rewards. We got picked up by IDW Publishing and the book will be in Previews next month for a January 2015 release and is available for preorder on Amazon as we speak[...]
Kickstart Your Buzz With Imaginary Drugs
Michael McDermott writes: So, in case you missed us a few weeks ago, I made the case for my new comic anthology, Imaginary Drugs, here Well, folks we have now officially gone live at Kickstarter. After a pretty quick jump out of the gate, we're still a good ways away from our target goal.  We've got a healthy[...]
The Drugs Don't Work if They Are Imaginary – Eight Page Preview
 I'm sure very, very few of you will recognize my name from my scattered BC Con coverage reports.  A few more might recognize my name from the inside front covers of the FUBAR series of historical zombie fiction.  I've gotten about sixty pages worth of short stories published over the last two years through FUBAR Press and[...]