Michael McDermott's Imaginary Drugs Is Addicting

imaginary-drugs-coverFrom IDW Publishing, comes Imaginary Drugs, an anthology of sci-fi short stories compiled and edited by Michael McDermott. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael McDermott in person and luckily grabbed a signed copy of the graphic novel, in which he wrote eight of the thirty-six stories. There are a multitude of writers and artists featured throughout the 208 page book including, Jeff McClelland and Christine Larsen.

It's pretty hard to not be drawn to this book, especially when you gaze at the expert book blurb quote from the Lady at the Grimy Ol' Gas Station by Jonathan's House…

Imaginary Drugs? That &*^% is #$%^@ Gangsta!

While I immensely enjoyed the book from start to finish, I wanted to comment on a few stories in particular. I must talk about Saint In The City, written by Michael McDermott with art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer. This is the first story in the graphic novel, so it was my first hit of Imaginary Drugs. I can see why McDermott put it in the beginning. The main character is a captivating guy, who has a touching protective relationship over an adorable telepath, Maison. I really enjoyed watching her give advice from beyond to a very creative cast of characters. Complete with an intense werewolf battle, this story flew by so fast and left me wanting more!

Teddy and the Yeti: Edge of Reason written by Jeff McClelland, with art by Mario Wytch is a hilarious, three page story that displays the relationship between two individuals that you wouldn't normally find working together…a human and a Yeti. The funniest part is, the Yeti is the more levelheaded one out of the two. The art is drawn in a simplistic design that compliments the story. I think the cleverness of the short plot really made this one memorable for me. I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil it, so you'll just have to read it yourself!

Overall, this team of talented individuals have put something very unique together, that is much better than your typical graphic novel. I highly recommend it to a sci-fi fan looking for something to get addicted to. Once you sit down to read it, you won't be able to stop. Here's hoping there will be an Imaginary Drugs Volume 2 in the near future!

For more information about the book or to buy a copy of your own visit IDW's website. You can follow Michael McDermott on Twitter @MJVMCD3.

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