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SCOOP: DC Comics/Milestone To Publish Icon Vs Hardware
The mob boss is also Curt's employer, who remains unaware of the irony, and provides Curt with the resources for his inventions. Both series have been revived recently at DC Comics as part of Milestone 2.0 Milestone Media was founded in 1993 by a coalition of African-American artists and writers, consisting of Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan,[...]
'DC Metal (Men, 2016)' Review: A Truly Metal Comic
Let's talk Iron, Lead, Mercury, and…Gold I guess Let's talk about the Metal Men suckers, YEEAAAAHH *rocking guitar riff*. BOOM In honor of Dark Days: Metal, it seemed as appropriate a time as any to talk about DC's original metal, the freaking Metal Men. The Metal Men have a special place in my heart[...]