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Superman Son Of Kal-El #8 Review: Too Similar
Two similarities? Merely coincidence, right? Then there's a team-up — Jackson Hyde, the tyro hero called Aquaman following in Arthur Curry's footsteps, is on hand to face off against The Gamorra Corps (seriously), people gifted with synthetic superpowers by Bendix sent to show up the second Man of Steel Their very high mortality rate in the[...]
Aquaman The Becoming #1 Review: Effective Characterization
With remarkably effective characterization and scene-setting, Aquaman: The Becoming #1 does a fantastic job at fleshing out the character of Jackson Hyde Despite some pacing issues, one of the strongest showings for a supporting cast in a while and a number of very effective scenes make this one of the best Aquaman books on the[...]
Aquaman: The Becoming #1 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, kicking off a mini-series that will see Jackson Hyde promoted to co-Aquaman alongside his mentor, the other Aquaman, Aquaman It leaves open important questions, such as who the fish will listen to when two Aquamen are talking to them But before Hyde can[...]
Future State Aquaman #1 Review: Dire Straits
Credit: DC Comics Jackson Hyde has faced a number of repetitive challenges First, far into his adulthood, he's still battling against his father, Black Manta, who Arthur Curry failed to stop as well Then, he's trying to mentor Andy Curry, the teenaged daughter of Arthur and Mera, who won't sidekick worth a darn as she continues[...]
Aqualad Rises in Teen Titans – Teen Titans#6 Review
It sets up the new location, relationships and personalities of the core Teen Titan group, a new mystery for the team and also the new character, Jackson Hyde a.k.a Aqualad, who we learn is a pretty positive, openly gay young man who has constantly faced push back for these natural things about himself (he's a[...]