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Mark McKenna Announces a Combat Jacks Collected Edition
That book, created with the idea that there was a lack of campy space horror on the market, was meant to be a one-and-done. Four issues later, a completed mini-series has been distributed across the country via Diamond, and Combat Jacks has grown into a beast no one could have predicted. "It wasn't until that first story[...]
Short Film Made To Support Final Issue Of Mark McKenna's Combat Jack Series
Combat Jacks is a series of comics from Mark McKenna, Sam Eggleston, and Jason Baroody about a guy named Mordeci Dixon and a group of Space Marines taking on alien pumpkins on the planet Maia Seriously, alien pumpkins… its like scifi meets Halloween They've successfully Kickstarted the first three issues and are ready to wrap[...]
Last Breath: A comic-book project looking to reach the stars
Along the way, they'll see the amazing pencils by Jason Baroody and the solid inking of Josh Oakes And now, thanks to the continued support of our backers, there will also be standout colors and lettering from John Hunt. "Last Breath" still has a couple of weeks left in its funding, and we've met our fundraising goal[...]
So Far From Home – The Last Breath Kickstarter
His ship home destroyed and his home being lit up from the throes of a nuclear war, Gustafson has to decide if he's going to simply give up, or fight until he can't fight anymore. LAST BREATH is about fear, anger and, ultimately, hope. The comic, which features Jason Baroody on pencils, Josh Oakes on interior inks[...]